Today I Learned: 8 Fun Facts Kumar Varun Taught Us Through ‘Kvizzing With The Comedians’

By DA Staff 1 December 2023 2 mins read

Here are some of our favourite bits of trivia we learnt from Kumar Varun's 'Kvizzing With The Comedians'.

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Comedian Kumar Varun is on a mission—to make quizzing cool. The comedian embarked on the journey in 2019, when he first hosted a live edition of Kvizzing With The Comedians at Mumbai’s Haiku Jam. But he had to quickly improvise in light of the COVID-19 lockdowns and switched over to the online format. The comedy community was quickly hooked, enjoying the mix of trivia and the comedians’ quick quips.

Over three years and many genre-specific editions, quizmaster Kumar has dropped some great nuggets of wisdom. Here are some of our favourites that you can slip into conversation on your next date to sound a little cerebral.

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