Kumar Varun Premieres New Weekly Talk Show ‘Random Musings’

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 9 June 2021 2 mins read

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Comedian Kumar Varun is all set for the premiere of his new weekly series titled ‘Random Musings’ tonight at 9PM on the Random Chikibum YouTube channel. “So excited to announce a new weekly series – ‘Random Musings’! A weekly series where a guest and I talk about life, universe and everything,” the comedian said on Instagram last night. The show will also be available on all major audio platforms.

The idea behind ‘Random Musings’ is to go beyond the guest’s respective craft and have a conversation about a diverse range topics that they are passionate about. “Whenever I have conversations with my friends who are comedians or writers or actors, I realised that there are a lot of things they have to offer but we don’t talk about it enough,” KV told DeadAnt.

The comedian wants to go beyond the barriers of being funny and “creating content” through this series. “This is a platform where I want to talk about things that don’t get enough attention. That is why there will be a range of topics with every guest and I believe I can elicit those conversations from them,” he said.

KV is hopeful that the viewers and listeners get a new perspective or learn something in the process. In the first episode which features fellow comedian Sumaira Shaikh, the duo will touch upon a range of topics such as dealing with grief and death, the difference between writing fiction and standup comedy, and growing up in Mumbai.

The guests will primarily be from the world of standup comedy but KV wants to steer clear of conversations about the craft because “that is something all of us do anyway on so many different podcasts,” he said. “The idea is to go beyond that. Of course we will talk about comedy when it’s a comedian but I would want to focus on other areas that they are interested in. For example, I would love to discuss sitar with Zakir, movies and pop culture with Rohan and coding with Kanan,” he added.

“As a comedian and artist I’ve reached a point where I want to explore way more things than just standup comedy,” he told us. Having already found success with ‘KVizzing With The Comedians’. the comic wanted to work on other passion projects that wouldn’t require huge production budgets.

“I realised that one thing I’m really passionate about is meaningful conversations and interviews. I read every print interview that I come across and even on a personal level when I talk to someone I try and explore beyond what they represent to the world,” he concluded. 


Shantanu Sanzgiri


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