UK Comedians Band Together And Create Sitcom To Save North London Comedy Club

By Siddhant Sanghavi 21 January 2021 2 mins read

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Like any other comedy club, The Bill Murray in North London was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Emergency funding from the UK government kept it going through 2020, but the lack of gigs meant that the comedy club—originally a pub that was bought and renamed by comedians in 2017—has had quite a struggle keeping the doors open. So comedian and Angel Comedy club (which runs out of The Bill Murray) co-founder Barry Ferns decided to turn that struggle into a sitcom that would hopefully raise enough money to save their club.

Ferns and his team brought in an all star team to create ‘Save The Bill Murray’, including comedians James Acaster, Maria Bamford, Mark Silcox and Sunil Patel, writer-director Simon Weekes and many others. The show will release on 29 January and will be available exclusively to Angel Comedy Patreon members.

According to the Guardian, the full lineup of guest stars also includes Adam Buxton, Nina Conti, Jamali Maddix, Arthur Smith, Tim Key, Helen Bauer, Arielle Souma, Yuriko Kotani, Charlie George, *pause for breath*, Lucila San Martin, James O Donnell, John Meagher, Ray Badran, Lynn Ruth Millar, Neil O Rourke, Micky Overman, Cally Beaton and Lou Taylor.

Speaking to The Guardian about the show, Simon Weekes said it wasn’t difficult to find real-life examples, “These are real problems facing the club and the people that live there but what’s so fantastic about working with these comics is, they could make those problems incredibly funny. We could just say, ‘Mark [Silcox], you’re refusing to take out the bins’, then sit back and enjoy watching what happens.”

Angel Comedy has offered several membership packages on its Patreon ranging from USD 3 per month up to USD 250, each with its own set of perks. You can watch the star-studded trailer for the sitcom below.


Siddhant Sanghavi


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