Vir Das’ Neighbour ‘Sneezes’ On Him During Spat Over Social Distancing

By DA Staff 25 May 2020 2 mins read

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The ongoing saga of Vir Das and his elderly neighbour took an ugly turn last night, when an argument over social distancing rules devolved into threats and an attempted sneeze attack. The comedian shared a three minute video of the altercation last night, in which the 73 year old neighbour threatened physical assault before pulling down his mask in what appears to be an attempt to sneeze on Das.

Bizarrely, the neighbour–who is the brother of Das’ landlord–also wished that his dead parents would haunt Das. “Lockdown neighbour,” wrote Das. “I was giving my friend Kavi who lives three houses down from me, some dinner. We were waiting for it to get cooked 15 feet away from each other. Me on my doorstep, him out. This happened.”

Das also shared a detailed statement about the altercation, denying that he or his friend broke any social distancing rules. “This man is not my landlord,” he writes. “He lives on the first floor of the annexe building. He is upset because my landlord inherited the house I live in and he didn’t. This man does not own my doorstep, my sit-out or my house. I am not sure if an old man threatening to assault me, or sneezing on me, or asking his dead parents to haunt me qualifies as harassment. But this is a little ridiculous.”

In August last year, Das was served with a NC complaint (a non-cognisable complaint is registered at the local police station for neighbourhood annoyances, petty crimes and simple abuses) by the same neighbour and his wife. According to Mid-Day, the neighbour was involved in litigation against his brother over the property at the time, and the complaint itself was related to a dispute over car parking and dog poop. The situation seems to have escalated since, with Das accusing the neighbour of harassing him, his wife and his support staff over the past eight months. Last night’s confrontation was the last straw for Das.

“I finally posted it on my social media because if not, I knew he would do it yet again,” he wrote in yet another statement, released on social media on Monday morning. “Truthfully, I was just really angry last night. We took it quietly for eight months, and something different was needed.”

Update: Das has tweeted that the situation is now resolved.


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