Vir Das Just Got Served an NC Complaint… Over Parking & Dog Poop

By DA Staff 2 September 2019

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According to a (hilarious) report in Mid-Day, comedian and actor Vir Das has been served with an NC complaint (a non-cognisable complaint that is registered at the local police station for neighbourhood annoyances, petty crimes and simple abuses) by his neighbours—72-year-old Harold D’Penha and his wife Rathina D’Penha.

The report states: “The dispute started over parking of my car. I went to talk to the elderly couple and my landlord is witness to it. Above all, the entire conversation is video recorded,” said Das. “We have sent one legal notice to the couple for blocking my parking area, harassing me and my wife. The legal notice has been sent to them so that we may not engage in any back and forth with them in future,” Das added.

The elderly couple has in turn alleged that Das’ dog poops in the common area. “Though they get it cleaned afterwards, why should I allow them to mess up the common area?” Mr. D’Penha allegedly said.

The aged couple has also approached the police stating that the couple is such a “nuisance” that they don’t feel safe in their own house, so much so that the D’Penhas had to call their son from Singapore.

And you thought your life was hard. LOL.


DA Staff

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