Watch: 10 Painfully Relatable Bits On Love, Dating & Sex That Never Get Old

By Maanya Sachdeva 24 July 2020 3 mins read

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Love’s ever-evolving quality has captured the minds of filmmakers, writers, poets and comedians across generations. In the 21st century, its landscape is littered with new concepts and references that have made things a lot more confusing than they used to be. Dating apps, fuckboys, ghosting, casual relationships—artists and creators now have a whole new galaxy of concepts to grapple with. And they’ve been busy, churning out a regular supply of quirky love stories, poignant songs and (our personal favourite) relatable stand-up bits.

Whether you’re a committed monogamist or someone who’s not looking for anything serious right now, you’ll enjoy this compilation of jokes about love, sex, and everything in between.

Secret Tips To Find Girlfriend — Kaneez Surka

“Motion zyaada important heyy size mein” (or Kaneez-speak for ‘Motion matters more than size’), cheese karo (this is easy—‘Do things’) and “Aap sab log ladki Beyoncé hain!” (‘channel your inner Beyoncé!’). When it comes to the game of love, Kaneez Surka OP.

Relationships and Fuckboys — Prashasti Singh

Prashasti defines ‘fuckboy’ as “a dude who thinks responsibilities are dumb, and capitalism is a conspiracy, and liberation starts with his man-bun” in this Comicstaan bit that endeared the Amethi comic to both the judges and the audience.

How To Sex? — Govind Menon

What do you get when you take sub-par sex education, the power of a Google search, speed reading, and under-developed oral skills? A confused Govind Menon and two women that will never, ever be able to un-hear his recitation of the alphabet.

Long Distance Relationships — Aakash Mehta

Released almost three years ago, this Aakash Mehta bit on long distance relationship hits particularly hard in 2020. At least we still have 4G (unless you’re in Kashmir).

Love Songs (Afreen Afreen) — Anirban Dasgupta

Do you also listen to Afreen Afreen while wearing a sherwani or are you normal? Anirban Dasgupta deconstructs the language of love songs, Urdu and iconic romantic ditty Afreen Afreen in this bit.

Love & Dating — Rajnish Kumar

Ah, modern love and the messy rules of dating. Nice guy Rajnish Kumar talks Tinder, the ‘friend-zone’ and… Tekken 3 in this 5-minute clip that is (possibly) a snapshot of his experiences navigating this treacherous terrain.

Women Don’t Love — Sumukhi Suresh

Pretending to love something because you love someone is a familiar situation—we’ve all watched cricket matches/Gilmore Girls when courting a member of the opposite sex. However, Sumukhi Suresh gives away every girl’s best guarded secret—they don’t love or hate anything. It’s way more complicated than that.

Mumbai Locals & Dating Apps — Ramya Ramapriya

What does your Hinge bio say about you? Ramya Ramapriya has great insight into whether a potential match is adventurous or difficult—based on the answer to the question ‘what are your hobbies?’

Casual Relationships — Urooj Ashfaq

Pay attention as Urooj Ashfaq explains the dynamics of a ‘casual relationship’ in a simple-to-understand and casual manner.

My First Relationship — Aishwarya Mohanraj

Aishwarya Mohanraj takes you back in time to her first relationship—or how it began—and the cringe moments (‘first you tell. No, first you tell’) we all recognise only too well.


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