DA Weekly Roundup: The Funniest Clips That Dropped Last Week

By Rohan Krishnan 21 May 2022

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This week, Bangalore (and its beautiful weather) stole a point from the Delhi-Bombay scoreboard. And that’s pretty much all the good news in circulation right now… So, we’re going to jump right into it. Cancel on your friends and put your phone on silent. The DA Weekly Roundup is back with six clips to distract your guilt-ridden conscience, you poor soul. It’s cool, they should know better than to get between you and me-time. 

This week features Angad Singh Ranyal confessing to an incestuous love triangle, a Sundeep Sharma instant-classic, Brittany Schmitt on love of ‘Titanic’ proportions and Badal Sharma’s poetic shenanigans. Later, Arnav Rao laments his inability to take advantage of ‘bhakt’ outrage culture and a short brainstorming session ensues when Jaspreet Singh struggles to point out which audience member he wishes to speak to.  

1. Angad Singh Ranyal – Love Marriage Ke Adjustments

In his latest video, Angad Singh Ranyal dishes out the difficulties of being married. According to Ranyal, even love-marriages come with their fair share of compromises! We’re going to list them out now, and for anyone dealing with cold feet; you’ve been warned. The comic’s list of difficulties brought about by tying the knot include a healthy diet, personal growth and sharing a home with your better half.

2. Sundeep Sharma – Landmark Aadmi

Sundeep Sharma is out with a new clip, and if we’re to go by his track record this one is on course to a hit couple million views within the turn of the month. But Sharma’s work can stand on its own two feet, it doesn’t need the help of his reputation. In this clip, the self-proclaimed landmark aadmi‘s story-telling skills are on full display. Sharma weaves a poignant story about his own rise to the top despite the tireless efforts of the universe to stop him from getting there. Don’t let the gruff voice and burly exterior fool you, Sharma’s clip is bound to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Not to miss!

3. Brittany Schmitt – Learning New Things When You Drink

If you didn’t know much about Brittany Schmitt already, you will by the end of this clip! Honesty is the only thing on tap this evening as the comic shares that she’s been sober for a year. From here on out, it’s an all-access pass to Schmitt’s life and all the shenanigans she’s been up to since her first sip of 190 proof grain liquor. Just to be clear, that’s a drink that’s 95% alcohol. Hic. To take the edge off (or push you towards it), Schmitt ends the set with a little bit about love. 

4. Badel Sharma – Poets Ka Scam

Badel Sharma has pulled it off, he’s done a comedy set on shayari. Right? Or is it a shayari set with some comedy? I can’t tell anymore. And that’s the real scam (so pls come clean to us in our DMs Badel!). Regardless, it’s funny and we’re here for it! Watch as Sharma dictates a quick tempo and never misses a beat. This set is punchy and personal, and the audience can’t seem to get enough. Listen to the poet badmouth, err…poets? And rappers. But mostly poets.  

5. Arnav Rao – Nepotism And Rahul Gandhi

In this clip we see Arnav Rao spitting facts for nearly 17 minutes straight. The comic points out the strange obsession people had with things like stopping nepotism and comedy in 2020. Surely there were more important things on the agenda that year? Rao really zeroes in on the crux of his set when he starts speaking about seven comedians who were targetted for hurting religious sentiments in 2020, himself included. For Rao, the hate didn’t come as a surprise, and he could even find some tolerance for it. What really hurt is that even that didn’t bring him viral fake. 

6. Jaspreet Singh – Crowd Work Comedy

Watch Jaspreet Singh effortlessly crush this 12-minute crowdwork set. Singh alludes to the ease with which he’s killing time, even while the lights at the comedy club go out. The comedian’s set goes so well, that a heckler actually interrupts him to compliment him. He spends the evening speaking to a sickly doctor, an unlikely husband and brother-in-law duo, some computer-geek school friends and a couple doing their best impression of the class backbenchers.


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