Watch: Kautuk Srivastava Tells ‘Secondhand Stories’ Of Bravery From 26/11

By DA Staff 27 November 2021 2 mins read

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In his YouTube series Secondhand Stories, Kautak Srivastava has been delving into “histories, mysteries and unbelievistries” of all sorts, ranging from the ANOM sting operation to pre-Independence property disputes. His storytelling skills shine as he spins tales that offer insight into the human condition and our innate ability to adapt and survive. In the sixth episode, released yesterday, Srivastava tackles one of the most tragic events in Mumbai’s recent past: the 26/11 attacks.

Drawing on research from a plethora of different sources, Srivastava tells the story of those three devastating days from multiple perspectives in vivid, hair-raising detail. He reminds us of the many citizens—including law enforcement officials—whose heroic efforts and sacrifices in the face of well-armed, well-trained terrorists saved countless lives. Srivastava tells these stories with immense respect and sensitivity, shining a light on the courage and resilience of the common Mumbaikar.

It’s a fitting tribute to the victims and heroes of a tragic event that has shaped so much of our contemporary society and politics. Watch at the link below.


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