Watch: Two YouTubers Recreate The ‘Dumb And Dumber’ Cross-Country Mini-Bike Ride

By Bhanuj Kappal 19 July 2021

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For comedy fans of a certain vintage, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels starrer Dumb & Dumber is a childhood comedy classic, a film that you watch endlessly on repeat till you can pre-empt every line of dialogue. 27 years later, two fans have recreated the film’s iconic cross-county ride on a mini-motor bike in real life.

Motorheads Zach Courts and Ari Henning released The Dumb And Dumber Mini Bike Road Trip as a 30-minute episode of their Common Tread XP show on Revzilla’s YouTube channel last month. The video chronicles the duo’s comically cold and clumsy trip from Nebraska to Aspen, California in April 2021.

To make sure the experience was really authentic, they even created a replica of the pull-start minibike from the movie. Dressed in costume, they set off on a cold and windy day in Nebraska, and quickly realise they may have bitten off more than they can chew. In the film, the entire ride takes only 3 minutes, but the real life trip involves covering 400 miles with about 15,000 feet of elevation gain on a mini-bike that can barely push 35 miles per hour.

But they gamely complete the trip, riding up rocky dirt roads and dangerous mountain passes. Watch the video to see two grown men do something spectacularly stupid and unnecessary out of sheer fandom, and to show that it can be done. And then dig out your old Dumb & Dumber DVD for some Monday evening de-stressing action.  


Bhanuj Kappal

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