25 Tweets That’ll Make You Laugh Despite Today Being A Monday

By Shreemi Verma 7 November 2022 2 mins read

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Twitter is currently in its most unhinged era with Elon Musk probably muttering “I have made a huge mistake” constantly under his breath. Similarities to Gob Bluth aside, Musk, who seems to have a pretty fragile ego clearly did not see the jokes (on him and Tesla) coming. Apart from that, there’s a man in Philadelphia who is creating a rather unique record, a person has made a supercut of the number of times Alia Bhatt says “Shiva” in Brahmastra and more random thoughts people have decided to share on social media that’ll definitely make you chuckle.

1) And you thought the “chicken leg piece” man was the only one with a passion.

2) Tesla cars came under fire (lololol).

3) Have a shot whenever she says “Shiva” get a damaged liver by the end.

4) Elon Musk had a tough time.

5) They broke him.

6) The Musk jokes just wouldn’t stop.

7) Especially, on his “vision” for Twitter.

9) What is this Dolores Umbridge behaviour, bhai?

10) The $8 fee for a verified tick didn’t do him any favours either.

11) Mastodon became relevant again. For now.

12) Enough about Musk, Heidi Klum’s halloween costume gave us fodder as well.

13) A core memory was unlocked.

14) Personal attacks were made.

15) Male authors randomly sexualising women were rightly made fun of, again.

16) This tweet would surely make Martin Scorsese laugh out loud.

17) This one described all of us on weekends.

18) Cats were named.

19) Camels where shamed.

20) We lied when we said enough about Musk.

21) Men got too real on dating apps.

22) Bollywood veteran Manorama got the respect she always deserved.

23) Another personal attack was made.

24) Finally, we also acknowledged the powerful grip Twitter has on its most active users

25) And how it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Hope you giggled a little, do follow all these wonderful accounts for more fun times.


Shreemi Verma


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