5 Must-Watch Comedy Videos For The Weekend

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 1 October 2021 3 mins read

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It’s finally Friday evening, and you know what that means. You’ve just spent the entire day planning the perfect night out, only to realise you’re feeling too lazy to leave your cozy couch. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We chose to spend all day watching doing research on YouTube to put together this list of comedy clips released over the last two weeks, just so you can have some laughs to kick off the weekend. So stop hate-scrolling through Netflix, and check out the list.

We’ve got Amrita Chanda’s impressive YouTube debut, Mohit Morani talking about the human urinary system, and Shubham Solanki discussing his ideal pet. Then there’s Mohd Suhel realising that he isn’t actually the weirdest person in the room. And we dug into the archives for the last one: anyone remember when Andy Samberg was a standup comedian, and not just NYPD’s Ultimate Detective/Genius (IYKYK)?

1. Mohd Suhel – Weird Comedian, Weirder Audience

There are few things worse than following a weak act as a comedian. It’s even more difficult when the entire lineup has bombed. Unfortunately, it seems from his latest video that Mohd Suhel had to do on that on three consecutive days recently.

In his first upload in almost two months—which is uncharacteristic of the usually prolific Suhel—we find the comedian being delightfully surprised by a decently engaged audience. As opposed to what the other comics have been saying about them in the green room. After throwing his fellow comedians under the bus, Suhel tries to go on with his set but soon realises the others were onto something. Suhel might be weird, but this audience has beaten him at his own game. Watch the entire clip to find out how Suhel deals with an unnecessarily enthusiastic audience member, someone leaving mid-set and a heckler.

2. Shubham Solanki – Ninja Turtle

One of my favourite scenes from the movie Delhi Belly is when Kunaal Roy Kapur plants a flower behind a corpse’s ear for a personal photograph. Adding humour to a morbid situation, it’s a visually memorable scene. Comedian Shubham Solanki does exactly that when he opens his newest video—titled Ninja Turtle—with a bit about forensic photographers. He paints quite the picture with his punchlines: “Uske saare shot candid shot hi honge.

After pointing out the pros and cons of photographing dead bodies as a job, the comedian brings us into his personal life with some jokes about his unique choice of favourite pet. How does he seamlessly transition from that to a bit about superheroes? Watch the entire video to find out!

3. Mohit Morani – It’s Her Birthday

It’s been a while since we got a clip from Mohit Morani. Probably because he was still busy dealing with Noida police (refer to his previous video).

In this new clip, Morani dabbles in some crowd-work. We’ve got glimpses of his “thinking on the feet” chops previously, but now the comedian has upped his game. He gives his audience all the freedom in the world, in order to keep them from flocking to Bassi’s show next door. “Kisi ko bhi susu aa raha hai yahi moot do.” Now that’s taking things to a different level.

Morani has a birthday girl in his audience as well. Watch how he makes it a special one!

4. Amrita Chanda

After hitting the stage for a while and getting some pretty fulsome praise from Top Cat Retired Comedy Club founder Sourav Ghosh, Kolkata comedian Amrita Chanda finally made her YouTube debut earlier this week.

The young comic lives a paradoxical life as a “travelling comic who does not like to travel.” After some throwaway jokes, Chanda gets into the nitty-gritty of sharing a flat with guys. We’ve all heard that they’re sloppy and untidy but Chanda sheds some more light on their hobo-chic lifestyle. The comedian also has some things to say about those quotes we see people share on Instagram. Watch the entire clip to find out what’s wrong with the Twilight saga according to the next big thing.

5. Andy Samberg – What If the Government Is Watching?

We all know him as Detective Jake Peralta, but before he become a TV star Andy Samberg did his fair share of standup. In this clip from 2005, we see a 27-year-old Samberg take the stage to make some jokes.

In this age of technology, we’re all aware that our devices are constantly listening in on us for the tech giants and governments. But Samberg raised this concern 16 years ago when he froze mid-dance with the epiphany that the government might be watching him. The SNL alumnus also talks about an interesting encounter with a woman at a club. Watch the entire clip to find out which joke doesn’t sit right with Samberg Sr but gets the laughs from his mom.


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