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By Shantanu Sanzgiri 1 September 2021 4 mins read

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What a week it’s been for comedy viewers in India! Netflix’s Comedy Premium League brought 16 of India’s finest comedians under one roof for a variety show. And not long after that, Amazon Prime Video released its own hour-long special featuring Shreeja Chaturvedi, Aadar Malik, Shankar Chugani and Ramya Ramapriya. But we’re still in the honeymoon phase when it comes to new comedy content, given the year-and-a-half-long drought. That, coupled with our primo binge-watching chops means there can never be enough to watch. And that’s why we’ve come to your rescue with the DA Weekly Roundup.

This week’s list features Siddhartha Shetty giving us a rundown about his relationship with his parents. Rahul Dua is stepping into the news satire ring with his new series and Shreeja Chaturvedi roasts pepper sprays in a bite-sized clip from her 15-minute special. Last but definitely not least, Kunal Kamra reacts to some meme submissions for his contest and Ron Funches tells us about parenting from a different city.

1. Siddhartha Shetty – Parents

It’s good to see comedian Siddhartha Shetty is doing well given his driver Pakya’s “ride or die” attitude that we heard of in his last video. In his latest upload titled Parents, the comedian gives us an overview of his relationship with his Bandra-born mother and his father who grew up in Ulhasnagar.

Shetty is a fan of giving his parents a taste of culture shock from time to time. “Bohot maza aata hai,” he says. But how the turntables when the comedian takes his father for a 4D film and his Indian dad instincts kick in. Now his father makes sure the comedian has a 4D experience sitting at home. Be it Jumanji or an advertisement for Paragon, he has a makeshift solution for it all. The comedian also gives us a blast from the past by bringing up the ancient Samsung Corby phone and the challenges of sexting in a pre-Whatsapp era. What happens when the parents end up reading these texts? Watch the entire clip to find out!

2. Rahul Dua – In Da News

Step back Trevor Noah, John Oliver and Hasan Minhaj. Rahul Dua has just entered the news satire ring and is giving us all the top goss from the Dua household in addition to some absolutely “wahiyat khabrein” in his latest video In Da News with Rahul Dua.

What time does the comedian wake up? Does he really put his yoga mat to use? Find the answers to all these questions (that you never asked) and more in this video that’s brought to you by an uncharacteristically deadpan and low-energy Rahul Dua. But that’s not all. There’s some real-world news in this Doordarshan-inspired news parody as well. But as promised, it is not going to add anything of value to your life.

3. Shreeja Chaturvedi – Pepper Spray

Two months after the release of her first YouTube video, Shreeja Chaturvedi is back. And this time it isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill YouTube upload. It’s a snippet from her 15-minute set on Amazon Prime Video’s brand new hour-long special Stand Up Shorts.

The comedian turns her cynical eye towards the “fairly new concept” of women’s safety in this quick watch which you can sneak in while making your evening Maggi. Chaturvedi takes aim at one of the many industries profiting off the back of this social issue—the pepper spray industry. The comedian uses her observational chops to point out the double-edged nature of the spray and the absolutely absurd instructions the bottle comes with.

If this short clip leaves you wanting more of Chaturvedi’s deadpan humour, head on over to Prime Video and check out her entire set Hoe Positive.

4. Kunal Kamra – Meme Review

Kunal Kamra’s meme contest Now Who Did This? is off to a great start. The comedian announced the contest to find India’s ‘Asli Memer’—who will win a Macbook Pro and a week-long vacation in Amsterdam with Kamra—on 14 August and the first episode is here. And it’s dank, to say the least.

The comedian struggles to catch his breath between memes that have him LOLing in this meme review we never knew we wanted, but we deserved. Be sure to plug in your earphones and keep a lookout because these memes are going to reek up the place! We’ve warned you. We also claim no responsibility if a certain somebody’s “phad phad phad” sound is stuck in your head. #IYKYK

5. Ron Funches – Trying to Discipline Your Kid from a Different City

From 2012 to 2019, Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents has given the stage to some of the most noteworthy up-and-coming comedic talents in America. With comedians such as Nikki Glaser, Theo Von, Sam Morril and Mark Normand getting the push they needed, the half-hour showcase is a much sought after gig in the States.

In this special from 2014, Ron Funches makes some observations about confusing tattoos before talking about his “real chill” 10-year-old son. Comedians are on the road a lot. So that makes parenting a little challenging for Funches from time to time. And this might come as a surprise to us Indians, but apparently “disciplining” doesn’t mean getting a whack from your parents? Wut? Watch the entire clip to find out how a comedian deals with his child’s shenanigans from a different city.


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