5 Ways To Celebrate Kumar “Kvizmaster” Varun’s Birthday!

By DA Staff 19 November 2022 3 mins read

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All of us know the ultimate quizzing rule – the quizmaster is god. But today, he’s also a birthday boy! Yes, Indian standup comedy’s resident “kvizmaster” Kumar Varun celebrates his birthday today. The man has been an inseparable part of numerous projects. I mean, he’s given us AIB characters that live in our heads rent-free, taught us obscure trivia with the enthusiasm of a kid with their new toy and been a co-founder and part of the iconic comedy duo Random Chikibum.

So to bring in his birthday, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and celebrate this Beatles-loving, Liverpool fanatic, curious and overall amazeballs person’s work.

Kvizzing With The Comedians

The first thing that pops into our heads when we hear KV’s name is Kvizzing. The comedian has become a part of every comedy fan’s Sunday morning ritual—tune in to his channel and start the day with an episode of Kvizzing with the Comedians. Every episode is packed to the brim with “WHAT THE HELL? I DID NOT KNOW THAT!” moments that you’re going to pull out at the next party you’re at. Not to forget the terrible terrible puns the contestants make to get some brownie points from KV.

Check out this amazing series. Trust us, you’re going to get hooked. You’d wish KV was your teacher back in school. Maybe I would have paid actual attention in class and I wouldn’t be… never mind.

Random Musings

You don’t become a master quizzer without being curious about everything. And we get to see that side of KV in his podcast Random Musings. It goes without saying that the comic has met a number of interesting people during his time as a standup comedian. They have amusing thoughts, interesting observations and obviously… jokes. Every week, a new guest comes on and we are treated to a conversation which is equal parts funny and insightful.

The second season of the podcast just wrapped up. So now’s the perfect time to go binge-watch all the episodes with your favourite comedians.

Failure In ‘Honest Engineering Campus Placements’

Ah, man. What can we even say about this video that hasn’t been said? A timeless classic. Back from the days when AIB was churning out banger after banger of their Honest series. In this one, KV played a pivotal character—Failure Mehta. Woh engineering wala dost jo exam ke ek din pehle daaru peeta hai. The one who never attended class. But somehow managed to get through.

Watch this video now and get your OG Comedy Fan badge.

WhatsApp Kaka In ‘If Apps Were People’

Yes, we know this is another AIB video. But we can’t help it if KV was brilliant in this one as well. Take it up with him. Another viral one from the yesteryears of comedy. Packed with a star cast that most OTT platforms would pay tons of money for today, this sketch featuring personifications of our everyday apps was full of LOLs. And KV played the role of WhatsApp Kaka. The Hindi-speaking, encrypted, “UNESCO ki paidaish” Kaka was played to perfection.
Watch the entire video to figure out what happened to Messages Bapu who is left in one corner to just tell us, “OTP aaya hai beta.”

Random Chikibum

This is where it all began. KV’s brainchild with Rahul Subramanian, their channel Random Chikibum was first noticed seven years ago during the Comedy Hunt, organized by none other than the comedy OGs. Everyone was part of it. AIB. EIC. SnG. Kanan Gill, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Aditi Mittal. Subramanian and KV won that hunt for new comedic voices and talent to break into the scene.

They’ve done it all on their channels. Sketches, standup comedy, live streams, podcasts. Their Random Daftar series is a must-watch. There’s tons of content. Here’s their first upload, please get started, thank us later!


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