Kumar Varun And Rahul Subramanian Are Back With New Series ‘Office Spycam’

By DA Staff 22 September 2021 2 mins read

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Chikibums of the world unite! It’s been a while since we got an episode of Random Live from Kumar Varun and Rahul Subramanian, but it turns out they’ve just been busy cooking up all kinds of fun projects for us. One of those includes their new series Office Spycam, which was released yesterday on Amazon’s second video entertainment service miniTV.

The premise will remain the same as their popular Instagram series, but the show will offer the viewers a lot more to chew on. “Office Employee Spycam is back… Bigger than ever ..” the duo said on Instagram. The series is part of the sketch-comedy lineup that the streaming service announced in July.

We got in touch with the comedians to get some details about the show. The series was professionally shot with a team in place, as opposed to the quick mobile video series that we saw them upload on Instagram, KV and Subramanian told DeadAnt. “The core of the idea is still spycam, we’ve added an extra layer in this which people need to watch and find out,” they said.

The concept came out of KV and Subramanian’s seamless chemistry and complementary improv skills. Despite being shot during the lockdown, there were absolutely no hiccups in the process, the comedians told us. “Rahul and I have been working, shooting and creating things together for so long that it didn’t feel like work really. In terms of crew, we knew the people who were working there as well. We had a blast. It was so easy and smooth,” they said.

The duo has explored the various aspects of corporate life—something both of them were a part of before taking the stage—in the six-episode series. Each episode will be roughly eight minutes long.

“The scripts were written by [Mohammed] Hussain who’s a wonderful comedian,” they said. “We had a lot of fun working with him because he got our zone and the zone of Office Spycam very quickly. He understood corporate life and corporate jokes. So when we went on the floor it didn’t feel like anyone else had written it,” they added.

The first episode of the series titled Office Mein Do Dost is available for free on Amazon miniTV which users can find on the shopping app.


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