A Slice Of Our Lives: Laidback Sunday Vlog Recommendations

By DA Staff 18 February 2024 2 mins read

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The Lord’s day is here! And if you’re anything like us, you’re going to spend the day being as close to a comatose state as possible. Treat yourself, ignore phone calls and wrap yourself into burrito blanket so tight that you’re physically incapable of moving. Never leave the bed! If you’re feeling guilty that you aren’t out there seizing the day, we’ve come up with the perfect solution for you. Live vicariously through others. How? Just binge-watch any of these vlogs by Indian comedians and influencers that we’ve hand-picked just for you.


In Tanmay Bhat’s 129th vlog, the comedian attends Lollapalooza with a bunch of his comic friends! Bhat’s vlogs are chock-full of funny people (the usual suspects like Aishwarya Mohanraj and Rohan Joshi) and though they’re not daily, they let viewers have a peak into the big events in his life.


Unlike the others on this list, you’ll find Ravi Gupta’s vlogs on Instagram! The comedian hit the one million followers milestone on 4 January, and has raced ahead, gaining another 4,00,000 till date. The reason? Well, it’s probably because his travel vlogs just don’t miss, consistently racking up millions of views and likes and we can see why. Gupta puts a comedic twist to his travel vlogs, pulling funny shenanigans while out on the road and narrating his videos with a voiceover rather than actually talking while taping, giving him scope to poke jokes and create hilarious narratives.


Sumit Sourav’s vlog is an interesting one to watch out for and makes this list too! The comedian was challenged to regularly create vlog content for YouTube by Bhat and is now a month in. From giving us the inside scoop about his comedy club to a trip with his standup pals, Sourav is keeping us entertained with two videos a weel. Watch Sourav grow into his vlogging shoes and maybe you’ll get inspiration to get in front of the camera yourself!


Gaurav Kapoor has become a regular at vlogging, so much so that he even has a separate YouTube channel dedicated specifically to them. The comedian loves documenting everything from his experience touring across Europe with his latest standup show to sitting in bed and talking up a storm with his family. A wholesome watch!


Influencer AminJaz has been lighting up the podcast circuit with his ramblings on the Untriggered Podcast and he also seems to be warming up to the vlogging game too. His latest—surprise surprise—is about attending Lollapalooza. Apart from that he’s populating YouTube with videos about living the good life in Bombay with his best friends! What’s not to like?


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