Watch: Agrima Joshua’s First Video, On Being Christian in UP & Achhe Din, With a Hot Take on India’s Standup Scene

By DA Staff 6 April 2019

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Agrima Joshua ends her first video on YouTube with a disclaimer: “I hate doing political comedy.” But, as she goes on to explain, “Kya hota hai na…comedy venue pe na do senior comic khade rehte hai. Bolte hain Modi par do joke bol varna andar nahin aane denge.” It’s a quick, easy-to-miss insight on the current scene, which she further elucidates with a hilarious impression of fellow comic Kunal Kamra (who was hosting the night this video was shot), “Arre, when are these girls going to start doing important comedy, ya? …When will you start speaking truth to power?”

In a post credits scene, where she’s thanking the young audience for coming out to see her, she continues, “As a paid female comedian the only gigs I get are kitty party aunties. ‘Beta, dildo bolo, dildo? Very nice.’”

Like we said in this piece, we’ve been watching her, and Joshua is one of the few new faces on the standup circuit willing to take this kind of risk.

The rest of the video, which clocks in at nearly eight minutes, talks about being a Christian from UP, how you’d explain the state of Uttar Pradesh to a foreigner (by likening it to Texas), and why we should’ve given the government two years instead of five to check the ‘Achhe Din’ items off their promised list.

It’s a great sample of Joshua’s huge potential, and we can’t wait to see where she goes! She’s gigging hard across Mumbai these days, so if you see her name on a lineup, we recommend you catch her live. We have a feeling you won’t regret it.


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