Sign Up: Amit Tandon’s Online Comedy Workshops Are Raising Money for Daily Wage Earners & Migrant Workers

By DA Staff 27 March 2020 2 mins read

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If you think you’re funny, or are surrounded by friends saying “you should do standup comedy, yaar” in a tone that has actually made you consider it, Amit Tandon is conducting standup comedy workshops online. AND he’s using the proceeds to raise money for daily wage earners and migrant workers, among the worst hit by the ongoing #coronapandemic.

How It Works

Email to sign up for a two-hour session. You’ll then be added to a group call (on Zoom, video) where Tandon will take you through how to write a set, based on his own experience. The comedian will cover topics including where to find inspiration, how to build a single-line idea into a five-minute set, and how to go about building material from three minutes to 30. Once you’re done, you can even send him a video for feedback on your delivery and performance. “By the end of it, you should be able to find ideas and compose a set,” Tandon explains. “Then it’s on you, how uske baad tumhari persistence hai.”

This weekend, he’s conducting three workshops—for India, Europe and the US, respectively—which have only a couple of spots left, but if you dont make it to this one, don’t panic (all over again); he’ll be doing a few every weekend for the next few weeks. So far, he’s had all kinds of people sign up, from a 55-year-old woman from Pune to 18-year-olds from Ranchi and Kota. “I am learning a lot about comedy myself in the process, and what stories you get from these people! Inki stories khud hi likhne ka mann karta hai <laughs>, but of course I would never do that. I just mean they’re so interesting!”

Priced at Rs. 2,500, the money goes as a direct donation to a charity; this weekend it’s With enough pressure and people signing up, he may even start some on weekdays.

Pro-tip: Watch Amit Tandon’s new special Family Tandoncies on Netflix to get a sense of his style before you sign up.


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