Amit Tandon Gets You The Inside Scoop On New Podcast ‘Andar Ki Baat’

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 21 June 2021 2 mins read

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The latest addition to the ever-growing list of podcasts hosted by comedians is Amit Tandon, who released the first three episodes of his new Spotify Original show Andar Ki Baat on 14 June. Tandon envisions the series as a safe space for him to kick back and explore some secrets from the world of travel, fitness, medicine and more.

“The podcast has been climbing up the charts in terms of ranking everyday,” Tandon told DeadAnt. “People are writing in saying they’ve liked the episodes, which is encouraging.”

But people have also written in to point out the disparity in the comic’s energy when compared to his live performances. “Woh ek challenge hai, where people’s expectations are from standup, which is a very different art form. In the next 2-3 weeks we’ll come to know how much it sticks, but so far the response has been mostly positive,” he added.

Every episode in the series starts off with a bit of Tandon’s classic anecdotal humour and a light-hearted take about the topic of the day, before he brings on a guest for an insider’s perspective. In the first episode, Tandon talks about a subject that has been touched upon by almost every standup comedian—air travel. The comedian waxes poetic about the never-ending lines and announcements at airports and the annoying passengers before calling on his guest Swati—a cabin crew attendant for British Airways—to share some insider secrets. The guest spills the tea on some insecure celebrities, how they deal with drunk passengers, and a certain 90-year-old gentleman whose final wish was to fly to Bangkok. A Not-So-Fun-Fact for people who are scared of flying: More than 50 percent of pilots have admitted to falling asleep while flying.

If the first episode whets your appetite for more of Tandon’s “cool dad” demeanour, fret not. In episode two and three, the comedian and his guests take aim at the rise of the alternative fitness culture and international travel. Health consultant Prince J Singh shares some absurd gym stories about people asking him to be their “Vicky Donor”—yes, let that sink in—while travel agent Shalini sheds light upon the rampant problem of theft in Italy and the importance of hiring a travel agent.

“In the coming weeks, I will touch upon topics such as immigration, schools, hotels, fast food chains. I’m talking to people working in the retail sectors and even Uber drivers,” says Tandon.

A total of 26 episodes are planned for this season. New episodes drop every Monday.


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