Comedians On Tour Selling Tickets: 10 Questions With Devesh Dixit

By DA Staff 7 June 2023 2 mins read

Devesh Dixit is on the road with his latest special 'Gem of a Person' and here's why you need to check it out!

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Devesh Dixit is finally “doing”. The comedian’s fans know exactly what we’re referring to. He’s on the road with his latest hour titled Gem Of A Person. Where did the name come from? What can you expect when you watch it live? Who should you absolutely not bring to the show? Dixit told us all about it and more. Read through!

Quick! What’s this show about?

Me being a great human and a supportive friend.

How many shows are you doing, across how many cities?

This is the third leg of the tour. The first two legs had about 80 shows. This one will have another 40, out of which 12 are already done. Overall this tour will cover 40-odd cities.

How long did you spend writing the show?

The major part of this show is a story I have had with me for over 15 years. The rest of it was made in about 3-4 months.

Is this already leading up to a recorded special for a streaming platform?

Haven’t really thought about it yet. Focused on the tour right now.

Why should we watch it live?

Every stand up act is meant to be consumed live. We put stuff online to reach a larger audience, but that is like an advertisement. If you wish to really capture the essence of the show, you have to be there.

According to you, who would be the ideal plus-one to bring to the live show?

Anyone other than a baby.

How did you come up with the name ‘Gem Of A Person’?

When I was doing trial shows, I found myself repeatedly telling the audience that I wasn’t a bad person. That’s how the name came about.

On a scale of 1 – WTFAMIDOING, how nervous are you?

I was pretty nervous during the first leg. But the show has come pretty far now and is shaping up well so not anymore.

You’ve mentioned you prefer performing for a smaller audience. What is the ideal number of people you want in the room when you’re doing stand up?

Not in a position to answer this yet. Let me first sell out stadiums then I’ll tell you how I like doing smaller rooms.

What are five things that come to your mind when you think of this show?

Which is the next city?
Do I have the flight tickets & hotel vouchers?
What is the next show going to be about?
I really need to start writing now.
I am going to watch some reels.

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