Comedians On Tour Selling Tickets: 10 Questions With Karunesh Talwar

By DA Staff 3 November 2022 2 mins read

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Karunesh Talwar has overcome his aalas (IYKYK) and is finally on tour with some fresh material. The comedian told us what we can expect from his upcoming shows and what led to the name Adrak Ka Swaad. Read through the answers for some lolza-palooza! (we’re so sorry)

1. Quick! what’s this show about?

The show is about me not enjoying most things I do, and not liking most people I meet. Of course, the problem is with me and not with those people or those things, but on stage, I pretend like I’m the one who’s right.

2. How many shows are you doing, across how many cities?

Twelve cities for now, some of them will have multiple shows. But we’re working on adding many more cities soon, and some international dates next year.

3. How long did you spend writing the show?

A little over a year now.

4. Is this already leading up to a recorded special for a streaming platform?

I don’t know whether this will be on a streaming platform or on YouTube, and I’m not really thinking about that. I just want to get it to be as good as I can right now and then we’ll see how to put it out.

5. Why should we watch it live?

Because I’ve been having fun doing the show, and people have been having fun watching it.

6. According to you, who would be the ideal plus one to bring to the live show?

Anyone really, it’s a fairly clean show.

7. Why ‘Adrak Ka Swaad’?

The show is essentially me not getting what the big deal is about things that people really enjoy, like nature and drinking and dance (all real examples from the show). So I make fun of those things and people who enjoy them, but in truth I’m the bandar jisko adrak ka swaad nahi aa paa raha.

8. On a scale of 1-wtfamidoing, how nervous are you?

To be entirely honest, I’m not all that nervous. There are still some minor butterflies just before I get on stage but I’m mostly fine. When I did my first tour years ago I was pretty terrified but that settles down with time.

9. What have you been working on besides this in the last year?

My health. I’m 31 now and three decades of treating my body like an Oyo room have caught up with me. So I’ve been trying to get in better shape and that’s about it.

10. Do you have any new jokes about your family in this hour?

Hahahaha a couple but not nearly as many as my previous show.

You can get your tickets for Adrak Ka Swaad here.


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