DA Weekly Roundup: 5 Best Comedy Videos To Hit YouTube In The Last Week

By DA Staff 23 January 2023 3 mins read

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By now Mondays should be synonymous with DeadAnt’s Weekly Roundup. We’ve been more consistent than ever and it has nothing to do with being scared of getting angry messages from the editor. Trust us. We are just a merry bunch of people bringing the latest standup comedy clips uploaded to YouTube week after week. So strap in for the wildly hilarious ride (well, as wild as it can get on the first day of the week) and enjoy some fresh comedy by Angad Singh Ranyal, Sumit Sourav, Ravi Gupta, Aadesh Nichit and Vivek Samtani!

Sumit Sourav – Papa Ka Pyaar

After the success of his debut standup comedy special Vansh Ka Naash, Sumit Sourav has returned to the YouTube ring. His first upload in almost a year, it’s safe to say that Sourav’s form has not dwindled in the least. First up, he’s talking about something that most kids would lock away inside the trauma vault in their brain—their parents’ romance. Now, we’re not saying that parents don’t have the right to be cute. But at least keep it between yourselves. Why give your kids lifelong issues? Kya yahi hai humari bhartiya sanskriti? Jk. There’s also bonus advice for Mumbai dwellers. Let’s just say you’re going to appreciate your small houses and bathrooms now.

Angad Singh Ranyal – Kyun Karna Hai Bachcha

January has been a good month for comedy fans. Comedians have been coming out of the woodwork to present some new material all through the last couple of weeks. One of those includes EIC’s Angad Singh Ranyal, who’s been MIA from the YouTube comedy scene for a while.

Sibling rivalries are definitely a thing all over the world. But Indian parents know how to take every situation to its extreme. In which world is it logical to compare siblings and their willingness to have babies? Well, it is in ours I guess. Watch the video to find out how you navigate your desi parents projecting their beliefs on you. And for some top-tier logic that… we don’t even know what to say. It’s a treat for your own two eyes and ears.

Ravi Gupta – Office

What started off as a great idea (or so we thought) during the lockdown has slowly devolved into the reason people get PTSD at the sound of a Slack notification. Yes, we’re talking about work from home. Ah, how amazing it felt. Waking up 5 minutes before the first meeting, not worried about missing the train because your younger brother took too long to shower… again.

But we’re slowly beginning to see the cracks in this model. And they’re all being brought to our attention by Ravi Gupta in his new video titled Office. The comedian is making some strong points in favour of going to a workplace that’s not our bed. Honestly, we would love to. At least our moms won’t be there judging us while we laugh at our screens claiming that it’s all for work.

Adesh Nichit – Poor People

After his successful breakthrough on Comicstaan’s third season, Adesh Nichit promised his fans regular videos every Friday for a few weeks. Well, after taking a much-deserved end-of-the-year breather, Nichit is back in 2023 with new material. This one might be the last upload in this batch of videos, and it definitely has the charm and character that got all the love and attention Nichit on Comicstaan.

He leans into his character of a ‘rich guy judging (shitting on) poor people’ from Comicstaan’s alternative comedy round and runs with it in his latest upload, but with a twist. In this YouTube clip, he has flipped the trope around and has decided to take potshots at rich people out there (the ‘eat the rich’ narrative is big on shows and movies these days, why should standup be left behind?). Why should rich people dare to have the luxury of pursuing anything they dream of? Nichit is here to put that to a stop. Or at least hold up a mirror to them.

Rakesh Addlakha – Sakht Ladkiyan

It’s been a while since we got a dose of crowd work. What was once all the rage amongst comedians has taken a backseat lately. So naturally, we were stoked to see Rakesh Addlakha peddle exactly what we were craving this last week.

The comedian’s first offering in the new year, Addlakha is firstly taking it up with overconfident audience members. Those who stand up and walk away in the middle of a set. Or even worse, the ones who walk in during a joke and ruin the entire flow. Well, comedians have their own way of dealing with these people. Check out the full clip to see the comedian play matchmaker.


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