DA Weekly Roundup: Here Are 5 Clips To Prove Comedy Is Legal Again

By DA Staff 7 November 2022 3 mins read

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What a week it has been! The cricket world cup made our hearts work overtime, everybody was busy contemplating what Alia and Ranbir will name their daughter (it’s going to be something related to the Astraverse, isn’t it? Regardless, Taimur can take a breather now)  and a certain music festival, that shall remain nameless, gave all of us collective trust issues.

This Monday might not be as exciting but it’s definitely going to be a funny one. Why? Because we’re back with our DA Round Up! 

1. Chirag Panjwani – MIMICRY

Chirag Panjwani isn’t just about the laughs. He’s a man of many talents and the latest one in his roster is mimicry. But nobody’s perfect. Panjwani’s newfound skill (for us. He’s been bearing the weight of his genius for far too long) has some limitations. What are they? Well, we can’t do it justice. You need to spot them on your own. Just remember not to get too engrossed in his spot-on Nishant Suri, Kenny Sebastian and Raunaq Rajani impersonations. 

2. Natiq Hasan – Hakla 

Fresh off of his Amazon Prime Video debut on Comicstaan season 3, Natiq Hasan has entered the YouTube ring with his first standup video. Hasan’s affable personality comes through in this 11-minute clip where he’s giving us the inside scoop about having a stutter. We all know the famous saying—Tragedy mein comedy. Hasan has made it his motto.

We’ll just give you a teaser. A man with a stutter works at a call centre. The rest is for you to hear from the horse’s mouth. 

3. Anubhav Singh Bassi – Hostel (Bloopers)

We’re being spoiled by Bassi. The man who has given us only 4 videos in 3 years has been uploading like clockwork on his second channel called be_a_bassi. A hub for all of Bassi’s crowd work clips, fan interactions and snippets from his interviews, we’re fulfilling our Bassi needs here. And this week, we walk down memory lane and check out the bloopers to his super famous routine, Hostel. There are rules to sitting in on a Bassi show. What are they? Check them out here. 

4. Srijan Kaushik – It’s Been a While (Part 2 of 2)

It had been so long since we were treated to a Srijan Kaushik video, we thought he had blocked us or something. But we’re happy to report that isn’t the case AND the comedian is funnier than ever! Kaushik broke the silence on his channel with a two-part upload two weeks ago titled It’s Been a While. The comedian dropped part 2 last week and Kaushik’s observations coupled with his deadpan demeanour had us on the floor in no time. Click here for relatable jokes about cats, radio ads and pigeons.

5. Brandi Denise – What it’s Like to Be a Hot Social Worker

Brandi Denise is the new comedian on the block and she should definitely be on your radar. Featured on Comedy Central’s YouTube channel, the comedian has a fresh voice and backs it up with some classic zingers. The 10-minute clip is packed with laughs as Denise gives a very unique perspective on the Russia-Ukraine war, and lets us in on the evolution of her dating life and the best pickup line she’s heard from a man on welfare.


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