DA Weekly Roundup: 5 Fresh Comedy Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 8 September 2021

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Things are slowly getting back to normal, and by that I mean the traffic is unbearable all over again. To help you pass the hour for a trip that should have ended in 10 minutes, we’ve put together another DA Weekly Roundup so you don’t have to incessantly refresh Maps and cry at the massive red line you’re still in the middle of. Sit back, relax and have a few laughs while you wait to reach your destination.

This week’s list features comedian turned vlogger Gaurav Kapoor and his hilarious take on corporate life and Rahul Dua’s famous matar paneer recipe. Sorabh Pant tells us about two unusual but extremely funny concert experiences, Rajat Chauhan gets to know his audience a little better and Ramya Ramapriya is sick and tired of the Naagin Dance. This is the DA Weekly Roundup where we curate a list of the funniest new comedy clips we find on YouTube.

Sorabh Pant – Bhayanak Maut & Akon’s Jump

Sorabh Pant has been too busy killing the podcast game with his lockdown project Wake Up With Sorabh. But let’s not forget his primary hustle is standup, which he’s getting back to slowly but steadily. Pant ended a year-long standup drought on his YouTube channel last month with a crowd work video and he’s back this week with a clip titled Bhayanak Maut & Akon’s Jump.

The former Channel V writer (yes, that’s right!) shares an anecdote from a heavy metal concert that’s bound to crack you up. From listening to Bhayanak Maut to almost witnessing one, Pant’s heavy metal experience was as metal as it gets. The comedian goes on to share a story that involves a rapper whose name takes us right back to school—Akon. Watch the entire clip to find out how Mr Lonely lost money at a free show in Mumbai!

Rahul Dua – “Oh Ho Ho Ho” Matar Paneer

The last two years have brought out the chef in all of us. From making basic scrambled eggs to the more ambitious sourdough bread, we all had at least one week where we pretended we were in the MasterChef kitchen. No? Just me? Okay.

Comedians were no exception to this either. Who can forget Rohan Joshi’s Christmas feast or Neville Shah’s pork shoulder recipe? And the latest comic to face the heat in the kitchen is Rahul Dua. The comedian gives us the recipe for Dua Kitchen’s famous “oh ho ho ho” matar paneer in his latest video, complete with unique cooking terminology that’s bound to make you laugh (and professional chefs facepalm).

Ramya Ramapriya – Naagin Dance Protocol

It’s been a year since we got a video from Ramya Ramapriya. And her YouTube tally is up to two videos now, with a snippet from her Amazon Prime Video special.

The comedian seems to have spent a major chunk of her free time thinking about the different kinds of dance and concluded that the Naagin Dance shouldn’t exist. She makes some compelling points against your uncle’s post-whisky wedding party choreography, and then goes on to list indisputable similarities between cockroaches and the dance.

Check out this 2-minute clip and head on over to Prime Video to check out the entire 15-minute set!

Gaurav Kapoor – Salary & Investment

Gaurav Kapoor has managed to find the time to hit the stage between his daily vlogs. We love to see what’s happening in the Kapoor household, but a good ol’ standup clip just hits different. The comedian’s latest upload titled Salary & Investment—which has already racked up a million views—is a flashback to his corporate life. One most comedians have lived and are now milking for laughs.

Kapoor starts off by talking about something that makes all of us chuckle at the beginning of every month and cry by the end of it—salaries. And when we hear how much someone makes, the Indian in us can’t help but calculate how they can spend their money. “Itne mein na woh har mahine Khopoli mein ek 1BHK khareed sakta hai.” Kapoor quickly segues into a bit about people who live on the outskirts of a city with a very “grapes are sour” attitude. Watch the entire clip for some unhelpful investment advice.

Rajat Chauhan – Knowing Us!

Rajat Chauhan dropped the last episode of his crowd work series titled Knowing Us! this week and it’s a fun one. The 18-minute clip is a great stress-buster on a busy workday and is bound to put a smile on your face. Chauhan is quick on his feet with his quips that get the crowd going.

The comedian dishes out some marital advice, breaks down the different stages of a Zoom work call and talks about the famous Bittoo Tikki Wala in Delhi. He’s also joined by a neighbour from across the border, which makes for an interesting conversation, to say the least.

Check out the crowd interaction video for some clean family-friendly fun.


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