DA Weekly Roundup: 5 Must-Watch Comedy Videos Released This Week

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 12 July 2021

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After an action-packed weekend where Italy were crowned the champions of Europe, Novak ‘Djoker’ Djokovic lifted his 20th Grand Slam title and Conor McGregor broke his leg, this Monday is going to feel particularly long and dull. But to help you deal with the Monday blues, DeadAnt is here to supply you with your weekly dose of laughs. Here’s the DA Weekly Roundup, where we curate a list of the funniest new comedy clips we find on YouTube.

This week we have a half-hour crowd work video from Munawar Faruqui. Mohd Suhel shows us how to deal with show glitches and Shashi Dhiman makes her YouTube debut. Jaspreet Singh has joined the vlogging gang and Chirayu Mistry has cracked the secret behind Suraj Barjatiya’s success.

1. Munawar Faruqui – Crowd Work

Munawar Faruqui is making up for lost time by putting out videos like Speedy Gonzales. After the incredibly hard-hitting and sharp political commentary the comic delivered in his previous video, Faruqui has turned to crowd work in his second release within 10 days.

Faruqui has a friendly air about him that cuts like a hot knife through butter in this latest 30-minute video. The comedian goes around the room chatting with the audience and making some hilarious observations and some important connections. I mean, we all need a contact in customs, but this is the first time we’ve seen a comedian network from the stage. Watch the entire video to witness Faruqui’s abysmal wingman skills and a wholesome school love story. 

2. Mohd Suhel – When Everything Is Going Wrong

There are many things that can go wrong for a comedian on stage. They can mess up their entry, they can forget a joke and sometimes their flow can be interrupted by the light that signals they need to wrap up their set. In Mohd Suhel’s latest video, all these things happen.

A masterclass in how to deal with these mishaps calmly, When Everything Is Going Wrong showcases Suhel’s growth as a comic as he gets some laughs out of these unplanned events. Dishing out witty one-liners with finesse, Suhel also takes out the time to record a disclaimer that all the comedians in the country should consider putting up.

Check out this short 4-minute clip when you want to take a break from your busy Monday. 

3. Shashi Dhiman – Pehle Istemal Karein Fir Vishwas Karein

There’s a new comedian on the block. Chandigarh’s Shashi Dhiman put up her first YouTube clip on 9 July titled Pehle Istemal Karein Fir Vishwas Karein (if you didn’t sing it, are you even Indian?). Going by the name, everyone would expect jokes about detergent. But Dhiman has a lot more to offer.

The comedian starts off by talking about growing up with a boy’s name and how it led to a school breakup. Let’s just say, the boy didn’t have much going for himself either, coming from a family that was clearly named by a horticulturist. Dhiman isn’t too psyched about her mother’s choice in men either, “kyuki main apne papa ko roz dekhti hoon,” she says with a straight face. So, as the next logical step she downloads Tinder (because, why not?) but the first profile she sees on the app almost convinced her to uninstall the app. If it were me, I would’ve burned my phone to the ground.

4. Jaspreet Singh – Jokes and Behind the Scenes

In a slightly experimental and personal video, comedian Jaspreet Singh brings us into his life. The comedian takes us through his thought process before going up on stage in his first-ever vlog. In addition to this, Singh also offers us some jokes that he left out from his previous YouTube uploads in the 11-minute clip.

The video begins with a performance in Chandigarh which was interrupted by a power failure—coming just as he was about to make a joke about the government’s incompetence. Now, that’s uncanny. The comedian also shares how he prepares for his performances in this vlog that was shot during his Punjab tour. Watch the video till the end to hear what Singh thought nachos were and how Uber and Ola work in our country. 

5. Chirayu Mistry – BARJATYA, The OG Family Man

The Comedy Factory’s Chirayu Mistry has put up a clip from a live performance for the first time in a year. In the 8-minute video, Mistry touches upon Hollywood’s director extraordinaire, whose films should come with complementary Cliff Notes—Christopher Nolan.

According to Mistry, there’s only one Indian director who can hold your attention the same way Nolan can—India’s OG family man aka Suraj Barjatiya. While watching the film with the most family values ever (Pretentious Movie Reviews fanboys, where you at?) Mistry stumbles upon the director’s secret to making these films. How does a man with maximum sanskaar do drugs? Watch the entire video to find out! 


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