DA Weekly Roundup: ‘Barbenheimer’ Is Over So Here Are The Week’s Top Clips To Drown Your Sorrows

By DA Staff 24 July 2023 3 mins read

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The anticipation for Barbenheimer has finally come to an end. It’s actually here. But now what happens to the people who made the lead-up to these two films their entire personality? We’ve got an idea. It’s time to join our gang that looks forward to the release of top-notch comedy videos on YouTube. We put all of them together in the DA Weekly Roundup. Here’s this week’s list. If something catches your eye, drop by in our DMs?

Harsh Gujral – Vicky Kaushal & Bangkok with Dad

It had been a year since Harsh Gujral last released a video. You can’t blame him. It’s all about leveling up your YouTube game. And his last upload—a little riff session with fellow comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi which racked up 30 million views—was a tough one to follow. But he’s finally broke the silence with his latest clip titled Vicky Kaushal & Bangkok with Dad and it was well worth the wait.

Gujral has an uncanny resemblence to actor Vicky Kaushal. He’s tired of all the “sasta Vicky Kaushal” comments. And he’s finally giving it back to the audience in this 12-minute clip as he flits between crowd work and observational comedy. He’s also got a lot to say about the recent vacation he took his parents on… to Bangkok.


It’s been a great week for Indian comedy on YouTube. A lot of the big names who were had been missing from the action came out with releases together. Vipul Goyal is one of them. Six months after his last appearance, Goyal dropped Damaad Ji, Aam Kaat Du.

In typical Goyal fashion, the comedian is finding humour in everyday family situations. But he’s also going one step further to highlight some societal issues while dishing out the laughs. In this clip, we see the comedian talk about his experience of visitng his in-laws. Husbands always try to find an excuse to skip the trip to their wife’s house. But the comedian is listing all the reasons why this is probably the best trip for any Indian husband to go on. Hit play to see what he’s talking about!

Gaurav Kapoor – AMEER AUDIENCE

There are few Indian comedians who have mastered the crowd work game. Gaurav Kapoor is definitely on that list. The comedian is extremely quick with his quips and even quicker with his light-hearted roasts. It had been a while since we last saw the comedian in action and this video is precisely what we needed.

Kapoor is performing for a pretty rich crowd. He’s got a lot to say about the South-Bombay accent in which he’s getting responses from his Boston University audience member. By the end of the clip, Kapoor has aced the cadence himself. The comedian also chats with a doctor of quantum physics (Oppenheimer represent) during this 13-minute clip. He doesn’t know much about the subject but he knows exactly where the jokes lie. Watch now!

Iliza Shlesinger – When Your Boyfriend is a Pathological Liar

Comedy Cetral’s This Is Not Happening is a must-watch series for fans of standup comedy. Famous comedians come on to tell some very real personal stories only to drive one point home—no matter how messed up things might be, it makes for great material a few years on. 

In this clip (originally aired in 2015), Iliza Shlesinger tells us why she never talks to the person sitting next to her on a flight. It involves an average male wooing her for months and showing off his Yale degree and Beverly Hills mansion. Spoiler alert: It’s all fake. How does the comedian find out? You need to watch the clip to know that.

Isiah Kelly – D*ck Pic Disaster

Comedian Isiah Kelly is reminiscing about the onslaught of dick pics in 2009. But hold up. He’s got a reason for talking about the phenomenon because that’s how he first realised… he’s got messed up feet. The comedian lost out on a lot of dates because he forgot to put his socks on in his pictures. But well, sooner or later he put two and two together and now he’s only rocking those sandals with socks. Kelly is also having a tough time shedding that lockdown weight he’s put on. He’s gone to some extreme lengths to get back in shape. We can’t do any of it justice, you need to hear it first-hand.


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