DA Weekly Roundup: Fresh YouTube Maal To Enjoy With Your Maal

By DA Staff 21 November 2022 3 mins read

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Why is everything falling apart together all at once? Or at least it seems like it, given the week that’s gone by. Elon Musk clearly has no chill and is destroying his $44 billion midlife crisis. People are angry at him for taking away their favourite hellsite. Some people are angry that people are angry. There’s just too much anger on the Internet right now. In addition to that, the FIFA World Cup has begun. Do we watch it? Do we not? Or are we all, as John Oliver called it — “lower h hypocrites” (not capital H, mind you.) With all of this, there’s only one answer. Watch comedy.

And that’s why we are back with DeadAnt’s Weekly Roundup (whatawow segue). Time to kick back and laugh a little. Let’s go!

Shashwat Maheshwari – Chess

Back problems are the new sexy. Everybody has them nowadays. Including UFC commentator/aficionado and comedian Shashwat Maheshwari. And that’s what the Comicstaan star was talking about in his latest standup video which just dropped yesterday. Maheshwari also has a special talent for messing up the most basic tasks in life. Comedians, they’re just like us. Also, towards the end of the video, he has some rather interesting things to say about chess. Samay Raina diss track ke liye tayyar?

Rahul Dua – How I got Abused & Conned in Germany (Part 1)

Rahul Dua is back with a standup video. After almost a year, Dua has uploaded a clip and this time he’s trying something new. A completely unrehearsed, unscripted, straight-from-the-heart account of his experience in Europe while he was on tour last year, the comedian has put out a borderline rant clip which had us burst out laughing in a quiet Starbucks (everyone is looking at us now).

A German dish called pork knuckle. Berlin KFC menu. Cycle riders. All of these are mentioned, in no particular order. How do they relate to each other? Watch to find out.

Jaspreet Singh – Political Debates

The way news is reported in our country has changed *a lot* over the years. Most people believe primetime news is a joke. We aren’t taking any sides. But one thing is for certain—primetime news is a gift that keeps on giving, especially to comedians. Just look at Jaspreet Singh’s latest upload. He takes aim at every Indian father’s favourite form of entertainment (and topic of discussion after 3 pegs) —political debates. Singh has managed to pack in a lot of sly punches in this 10-minute clip. This is the comeback to YouTube we were waiting for!

Varun Nair – Alcohol

It’s been a year since we saw any activity on Varun Nair’s YouTube channel. The comedian had been out and about doing mics and performing shows to get that tight 10, which he pushed out last week. The Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Dhruv Sehgal and Professor from Money Heist lookalike has some thoughts on alcohol. Especially drinkers of alcohol. The judgy kind. The kind of people who make a face when you add soda to your single malt or have a tiny umbrella in your cocktail. Screw you man, I don’t need to assault my tastebuds to have a good time.

Sumit Anand – Tiny Thoughts For Your Loose A**holes

Sumit Anand made a much-awaited comeback to the YouTube comedy space last month. And now he’s followed that up with a 20-minute mini-special (if you will) on his channel. The comedian has clearly taken his laidback and low-energy stage persona and ran with it. Every bit gives us an insight into that chaotic good brain of his which comes up with absurdly funny thoughts. Not to forget, his demeanour totally reminded us of Mitch Hedberg. You gotta watch the clip to know exactly what we’re talking about!


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