DA Weekly Roundup: 5 Videos To Lighten Up Your Weekend

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 8 May 2021 3 mins read

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It’s time to take a break from all the dooms-crolling and maybe enjoy a laugh or at least smile. In this week’s DA Breaking Views, we have put together a list of fresh, light-hearted comedy clips. Munawar Faruqui is back with a 20-minute (yes, our comics are being too nice) crowd work video, Mohit Morani deals with an unrelenting heckler and Rahul Dua waxes poetic about food in Mumbai.

1. Munawar FaruquiDoctor & Engineer

Munwawar Faruqui—who’s been making the headlines since the beginning of the year—released a new clip titled Doctors & Engineers earlier this week. The comedian dabbles in Indian standup comedy’s new favourite format, crowd work, in the 20-minute video.

For starters, Faruqui is confounded by the number of software engineers present in his audience (honestly, six software engineers is low by Indian standards). Let’s hope that the software engineers of our country don’t take offense at the jokes the comedian makes at their expense. Next in line are two fans who have shown up with their mothers, who are completely unaware of Faruqui’s body of work. There’s also a married couple who couldn’t leave their kid at home and two “very good friends”.

2. Mohit MoraniMy Worst Show Ever

In My Worst Show Ever,Mohit Morani faces a comic’s worst nightmare—an overconfident college brat in the front row. The guy not only interrupts Morani’s setups—which the comedian deals with in classic style—but also gets into a full-fledged argument about the difference between Gujaratis and Marwadis with another audience member.

“Iska shareer yaha hai. Iski aatma waha hai… Dhanbad Wasseypur”, is Morani’s apt description of this 22-year-old who misses no opportunity to butt into the comic’s conversations with other audience members. But Morani puts his mastery of the craft to good use by making some sharp observations about the heckler and putting him on the spot in classic Roadies style, using Raghu’s character as an excuse to shower the heckler with all kinds of colourful names.

3. Rahul DuaFood Troubles

#DuaSquad members assemble! Rahul Dua is back with a rant that’s going to leave some Mumbaikers offended and get nods from most of our North Indian friends. “Yeh saara sheher kul milake cumulatively food as a concept pe hugg kaise raha hai?” asks Dua, in this new video released on Amazon Prime Video India’s YouTube channel.

Dua’s had it with the “absurd” (his words, not ours) ingredients that go into the City of Dreams’ pani puri. He goes on to show some appreciation for the city’s greatest contribution to the world of food—wada pav. But that doesn’t mean India’s equivalent of the burger is flawless.

4. Sumukhi Suresh My Mom Is A Wild Cat

In Sumukhi Suresh’s 2019 Amazon Prime Video special Don’t Tell Amma, the comic talks about various topics ranging from growing up around rich people to drawing comparisons between khichdi and Nutella. But the star of the hour-long special is Suresh’s scary Amma.

In this new clip uploaded on Amazon Prime Video’s YouTube channel, the comedian talks about Bangalore, her favourite city in India, every Indian mother’s most prized possession—Tupperware—and her wildcat mother.

If this quick watch whets your appetite for some more of Suresh’s borderline self-deprecatory humour head on over to Prime Video to catch the entire special.

5. Varun NairWedding, Saree and Safety Pin

Varun Nair’s biggest problem in life is that even though he’s lived in Maharashtra for three decades, he doesn’t know how to speak in Marathi. That’s not all. His name means ‘from above’ in Marathi, which means he’s a walking talking setup for some terrible jokes that have followed him all his life.

Nair also turns the spotlight on his Malayali-Maharashtrian wedding, and his travails with unreliable wedding attire. Have you seen that How I Met Your Mother episode where Barney finds out how comfortable nightgowns are? Nair has a similar revelation at his wedding. Watch till the end to hear about Nair’s uncomfortable encounter while at the registrar’s office.


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