DA Weekly Roundup: 8 Must-Watch YouTube Videos Released This Week

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 9 April 2021 4 mins read

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A partial lockdown is upon us (yet again) in Maharashtra, and with that we’re back to cooking, doing the dishes, cleaning the house, playing ludo and finding activities that will help us keep it together. Luckily, we have our comedians who are always there to bring some cheer and laughter into our lives.

We’re back with yet another DA Weekly Roundup, where we curate a list of the funniest comedy clips we find on the internet. This week, in addition to all the standup videos we’ve also included a vlog (again) by Kaneez Surka that is definitely going to bring a smile to your face.

1. Abhishek Upmanyu – Team Animals

A year after announcing his tour of India, America and Australia—which obviously fell through, thanks to the not-so-friendly neighbourhood virus—Abhishek Upmanyu dropped a new 24-minute video on his YouTube channel last Friday (okay, so this one’s cheating a bit). The comic, whose fanbase encompasses almost everyone with an internet connection and a YouTube account, has been trending on the website for 4 days now.

Upmanyu weaves his cynical magic around a topic as pure one’s first pet. The comic tells us the story of his shift from “Team People” to “Team Animals” while sharing anecdotes about his “murderous” cat, a straightforward vet and the process of getting rid of his little one’s “family jewels”. Stick around till the end to hear a song written by Upmanyu’s cat and sung and composed by Achint Thakkar.

2. Abijit Ganguly Little Jethalal & Babysitter

Fulfilling this week’s crowd work quota is Abijit Ganguly with his video titled Little Jethalal & Babysitter. First to fall prey to the comic’s wit and humour are a group of underage college kids. The comic makes some quick quips about the three rich friends, noting one’s resemblance to a familiar Indian television character—Jethalal Champaklal Gada.

More fun ensues when the comic realises that he has a professional babysitter in his audience! Watch Abijit scrape his jaw off the floor after finding out that that’s a real profession.

3. Mohd Suhel Karuna vs Kancer in Ahmedabad Stadium

Mohd Suhel has been belting out videos week after week recently. This week the comedian offers us his absurd and perspective-changing take on petrol prices and the (in)famous renaming of the Ahmedabad cricket stadium.

Suhel also takes some time to roast the coronavirus for its lack of lethality, comparing it unfavourably to cancer. Watch the video now to hear Suhel’s ingenious reasoning for vaccinating the Baby Boomers before everyone else.

4. Punit Pania Motivation Market

One of India’s finest political comedians and satirists, Punit Pania finally hit 100,000 subscribers earlier this week. To mark the occasion, the comedian retired some of his older material dating back to 2016 with the release of his new video Motivation Market.

Pania relives his corporate life in this set dishing out hard-hitting truths about “life in a cubicle” and making the audience laugh at their own misery. He also has some funny takes on the motivational quotes that keep popping up on our Instagram feeds (barring the current trend on Reels) and our “babas” who have now (unintentionally) entered the standup market. Which motivational quote have you come across that made you go, “Thanks yaar, yeh toh maine socha hi nahi tha.

5. Ali Wong15 Minutes of Ali Wong

Odds are you’ve seen her specials time and again, but can anyone ever have too much of Ali Wong? The comedian has two Netflix specials to her name, both of which were recorded while she was seven months pregnant (say whaaaa?), and Netflix has handpicked some of the best moments from these stellar performances for a new video titled 15 Minutes of Ali Wong.

The comic talks about being a Halloween costume after her first special, the annoying things about being famous, and marriage and motherhood. So what are you waiting for?

6. Deep ChhabriaMalala Yousafzai

If you don’t like dark jokes scroll right on because this one is not for you. Deep Chhabria has uploaded a standup video to his YouTube channel after a long long time, and it’s a proper return to form.

The comic comes up with some unexplored uses for the touch-me-not plant and some hilarious takes on 17-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. He’s got a point, what ambitions can one have after winning a Nobel at 17? And how annoying would it be to have Malala in your class? All her classmates want to do is get a few shots and here she is harshing their buzz talking about all the lives she has to save.

7. Navin Noronha – Censorship on Indian TV

In his first video in two months, Navin Noronha turns his aim on the censor board and TV channel standards & practices teams responsible for the often ridiculous, sometimes completely absurd ways in which censorship plays out. He gives the examples of Nicki Minaj’s Ganja Burn and a Hosier music video to illustrate how Indian channels completely change the intended meanings in their ham-handed efforts to save the innocence of our children.

Especially when diaper ads somehow escape their attention. Seriously, watch this video and you’ll never see diaper ads the same way again.


Yes, we know we included a vlog in the last list too, but what can we do if Kaneez Masi keeps putting out fun videos that bring an instant smile to our faces.

This week the improv star flies to South Africa to meet her family and escapes the Maharashtra lockdown. (We aren’t jealous of her. Not at all. Hope she has a great trip or whatevz.) Watch the video till the end to watch one of the most wholesome moments. No we aren’t crying.


Shantanu Sanzgiri


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