DA Weekly Roundup: Start Your Weekend With Fresh ‘Maal’ From YouTube

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 8 October 2021 4 mins read

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There’s a lot of drug talk doing the rounds this week courtesy of a certain Mr Aryan Khan. If your wifi has been down and you’ve switched on the television (for whatever reason), all you’ll see is people talking about street prices of narcotics and how star kids are spoiled brats. But we’re not here to hop onto that bandwagon. We’re here to sling the best drug out there. One that won’t get the NCB involved and you can pick up for free! It’s laughter guys (don’t get your hopes up).

After that lovely PSA, let’s get on with this edition of the DA Weekly Roundup—a list of the best Youtube videos released this week that you can binge-watch from your couch.

This week Gaurav Kapoor stumbles upon a new avenue for couples to meet. Sorabh Pant tells us the story of how he led Mumbai Indians to an IPL win, Shridhar Venkataramana is back with his Prime Time Jokes segment and Abijit Ganguly gives us a glimpse into the worst possible haircut experience a human can have. We end with Aparna Nancherla, who sheds some light on why dating is just the worst.

Gaurav Kapoor – WhatsApp Marriage & Journalism

Anyone who follows Gaurav Kapoor’s daily vlogs knows that he has been on the road a lot lately. We get all the behind the scenes footage from the comedy shows, but it’s time to see how the comedian weaves his magic on stage. Kapoor finally uploaded a new crowd work video titled WhatsApp Marriage & Journalism at the start of the week, and it’s a guaranteed 10 minutes of fun.

To start things off, the comedian has a newlywed couple in his audience. Just seven days into their marriage and they’ve found themselves at a comedy show. “Itna bhi aap interesting nahi rakh paa rahe kya life mein? Saat din mein meri zarurat pad gayi.” The kicker is where the couple met. We’ve heard of people finding love on dating websites but a WhatsApp group has to be a first. Kapoor also has a journalist in the crowd who can’t even yell. How is she ever going to make it in the Indian news industry?

Watch the entire clip for a quick lesson in Evolution of a Marriage 101.

Sorabh Pant – How I Made Mumbai Indians Win IPL

The Mumbai Indians might not be on top of their game this IPL season but the boys in blue have lifted the trophy four times, setting a record in the tournament’s history. And one of those wins can be credited to none other than comedian Sorabh Pant himself. Or so he claims in his latest video titled How I Made Mumbai Indians Win IPL.

In the 22-minute clip—or a mini-special if you will—Pant tells us the story of being called upon to cheer up the team after a poor start because… well, laughter is the best medicine after all. It was a dream come true for a diehard cricket fan like Pant to perform for the likes of Ricky Ponting and Rohit Sharma. The cherry on top of the already delicious cake was performing at Mumbai Indians owner Mukesh Ambani’s famous Antilla residence. How does the country’s richest man live? When he says “if you need anything” does he really mean anything? And did Pant’s performance really win the team the trophy? Watch the entire clip and decide for yourself.

Shridhar Venkataramana – Afghanistan, Arnab & Elon Musk

In his first clip of the year, comedian Shridhar Venkataramana is back with his Prime Time Jokes segment in which he takes a look at some news stories taking place at the time. Titled Afghanistan, Arnab & Elon Musk, the comedian makes some sharp satirical commentary in the 10-minute clip.

In his set, Shridhar takes a look at COVID-19’s trajectory during the second wave in our country and the manner in which different cities dealt with it. Venkataraman seamlessly throws in some political punches while talking about the election rallies that happened in West Bengal at the time. Next, he takes aim at India’s favourite prime time “journalist” and his infamous WhatsApp chats. Watch the entire clip to find out why Bollywood’s Bhai is immune to chat leaks and Elon Musk is obsessed with space.

Abijit Ganguly – Haircut By Partner

There was a brief moment in everyone’s lives last year when we put a great deal of faith in the people we were living with and… let them give us haircuts. The results were quite underwhelming (read horrible) in most cases. In his newest YouTube upload, comedian Abijit Ganguly tells us about his “haircut from home” experience.

After sympathising with Bigg Boss contestants for being locked in a house for months, the comedian gets down to the story about the haircut. For starters, Ganguly and his wife were inspired by a video in which Anushka Sharma gives Virat Kohli a haircut. As their #couplegoals idols, the comedian and his partner decided to follow suit. But their result was slightly different from the megastars. Watch the entire video to see how!

Aparna Nancherla – Why Dating Is the Worst

Aparna Nancherla isn’t known to be a fan of too many things but she really doesn’t like dating. And do you blame her? There are hundreds of websites and apps but have you’ll hardly ever meet anyone who’s more interesting than even a toaster.

In this clip from Nancherla’s performance on the fifth season of Comedy Central Presents, the comedian sheds some light on the sorry state of affairs for the single people out there. Stick around till the end of the clip to hear about her hilarious dating experience.


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