DA Weekly Roundup: Relive The Joy Of Your Long Weekend With These Fresh YouTube Clips

By DA Staff 3 July 2023 3 mins read

DeadAnt Weekly Roundup features the best standup comedy videos and vlogs released on YouTube in the last week.

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Last week was one of those rare moments when the weekend was longer than the work week. Naturally, this Monday is going to be the Monday-est Monday of the year. So, while you’re on your way to work crying on the inside (and a little bit on the outside) we have something to turn that mood of yours right around. Here’s another instalment of the DeadAnt Weekly Roundup. Fresh videos from some of our favourite comedians. Get ready to laugh and forget about your work in no time (sorry, we reminded you again).

Sumaira Shaikh – Latecomers

One year after dropping her comedy special Dongri Danger, Sumaira Shaikh is back with a standup clip on her YouTube channel. This one is probably her most relatable clip yet because she’s talking about the one thing that exists in every person’s life—latecomers.

We all have that friend who says they’re five minutes away when they’ve literally just stepped into the shower. We’ve waited for them for hours. They never share their live location. It’s got to a point where you’ve started lying about when you’ve left. And even then they somehow find a way to make us scroll on our phones awkwardly looking up occasionally with some hope that they’ve finally arrived. It’s especially annoying when they waltz in late at a comedy show. Shaikh is doing us all a favour and calling all of them out in this 5-minute clip. Watch it and send it to your latecomer friends.

Mediocrity – Punit Pania

Punit Pania’s debut special No Country For Moderation has got stellar reviews as it should. The comedian isn’t holding pack any punches as he dishes out his trademark political jokes. Last week, Pania dropped another tester on his YouTube channel for everyone who is still on the fence about the show.

Titled Mediocrity, Pania is talking about his target audience aka taxpayers, the current “woke but broke” generation and the biggest musical phenomenon of the ’90s—Altaf Raja. If you’ve enjoyed Tum Toh Thehre Pardesi after a couple of drinks, this video is for you.

Madhvendra Singh – Anu Malik (& Arti Bua)

You need a special skillset to travel in Mumbai local trains during rush hour. It’s all about strategically placing yourself in the compartment so you’re slowly pushed towards the door, one station at a time, till you reach your destination. It’s like a game of chess and Madhvendra Singh starts off his latest clip with an incredibly funny bit about that. Singh uses it as a jumping-off point to discuss the constant sense of hurry that exists in every Mumbaikar as he slowly hyperbolises everyday situations masterfully.

But the meat of the video lies in his story about a recent wedding he attended. No Indian wedding is complete without a sangeet function and no sangeet function is complete without awkward dances from the family elders. Singh witnessed something similar and it was hilarious. Check it out for yourself.

Madhur Virli – My Biggest Fear ft. Vibrator

Madhur Virli has been dropping videos like clockwork. His third offering in two weeks, this time Virli is letting us in on his greatest fear—his girlfriend’s vibrator. Virli is extremely aware of his subpar performance in bed. But the good thing about being a comedian is all your shortcomings can be used to your advantage.

The 10-minute set isn’t all about Virli though. He’s using his time on stage to highlight some problems that plague the 21st-century woman, the biggest one being unsolicited dick pics. There are a lot of laughs but he’s also calling out the horrible behaviour a lot of men subject women to every day. Hit play now!

Jade Catta Preta – Brazilian Stereotypes

We’re taking things overseas in our last entry. Don’t Tell Comedy is known to organise secret shows across the United States and showcase up-and-coming talent. This week, we saw Jade Catta Preta, who is mining her recent breakup for some jokes.

Preta came out as pansexual just before she got out of her previous relationship and she’s got a lot of things to say about it. The comedian has been going out on a lot of dates and let’s just say not all of them are top-tier. She’s also regaling us with stories about migrating from Brazil to America. People aren’t known for their subtlety in the United States. But Preta has turned those racist incidents into some hard-hitting material.


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