DA Weekly Roundup: Top YouTube Clips To Turn Your Monday Frown Upside Down

By DA Staff 16 January 2023 3 mins read

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You know what? We’re not going to do the usual and complain about it being a Monday. It’s time to acknowledge and accept that time is a human construct and that we are merely a speck moving linearly in the universe’s existence. So enjoy while you can. Got a little morbid, no? I blame the Monday mood. Psych!

Let’s turn that frown upside down with our favourite standup clips uploaded to YouTube over the last week. Welcome to the DA Weekly Roundup where we get you all caught up on the clips that you might have missed and need to be on your watchlist!

Chirayu Mistry – Haters and Love Story

It’s always a delight to see an upload from Chirayu Mistry. The comedian’s demeanour might look innocent but he knows how to pack a punch in every line. In this clip, he’s out to help all his haters. Their passion and drive don’t translate in their comments. Mistry is here to teach them how to string a good sentence together so their hate reaches new bounds. Every comic is an expert wordsmith after all. But while he’s helping people spread their hate more efficiently, he’s balancing it out with a love story. This one is a little different though. How? Watch the video to find out!

Devesh Dixit – Kamzor Shikaar

We’ve all been told not to hand out money at the traffic signal because “those people are going to use them to buy drugs”. Well, only one person could defend their actions (if they were true) and that is Devesh Dixit. And he’s arguing on their behalf in his newest video titled Kamzor Shikaar. Dixit has carved out his place in the Indian comedy circuit with his extremely easy-going stage persona and jokes that border on being dark and edgy. These traits have come together to make a banger of an upload. Go check it out now!

Aashish Solanki – Behen Ki Shaadi

After winning Comicstaan Season 3, Aashish Solanki is back to give us those much-needed laughs. This time, it’s on YouTube where he makes his debut with the video Behen Ki Shaadi. It’s safe to say that nobody’s personal lives are off limits to standup comedians. In this clip, Solanki is telling us about his sister’s wedding. But you know how siblings are. He’s out here to tell it as it is and drop all the truth bombs. It’s his time to get the sweet, sweet revenge every younger brother only dreams of. Ah, the power of the microphone. Don’t waste any more time and check out this banger!

Shubham Shandilya – Bachpan

What sets humans apart from other animals isn’t our ability to speak or innovate or put together civilisations. The core difference between humans and all other creatures is our inherent need to point out how our generation had it worse. The youth always has it better and it’s our sole purpose in life to remind them of that. Shubham Shandilya is on a similar trip in his latest video. He’s regaling us with stories from his childhood. We don’t want to give anything away. Check it out for yourself!

Vivek Samtani – “Moti”

Every now and then we come across a standup clip that makes us feel a little uncomfortable with the subject matter. Sometimes the jokes just don’t sit right with us and sometimes it’s the opinions that rub us the wrong way. But sometimes, it’s just the way the bit has been crafted. To get us started on the back foot. In his latest video, Vivek Samtani does something very similar as he slowly unveils the larger picture, satirising all the hypocrisy around body positivity. He’s also here to defend every short king out there. Check out the video now!


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