DA Weekly Roundup: YouTube Videos That Will Make You Laugh More Than NMACC Memes

By DA Staff 4 April 2023 3 mins read

DeadAnt Weekly Roundup features the best standup comedy videos and vlogs released on YouTube in the last week.

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Another week, another DeadAnt Weekly Roundup. Yes, we know we usually do these on Mondays but we all needed to recover from the sensory overload that was the NMACC Gala. Memes were born, videos went viral and some celebrities were renamed by our favourite paps (#IYKYK). The point is, we were just as busy as you, scrolling through our Instagram feed. But now that the reels have been consumed, let’s turn our attention back towards our one and only obsession—standup comedy.

This week we’ve got Mohd Suhel making a comeback and a deleted scene from Rahul Subramanian’s latest crowd work special. Vivek Choudhary is talking about “true friends” and Inder Sahani like most of us, has had enough of the Mumbai metro. Lastly, we have an international dose from Jessie ‘Jetski’ Johnson of Bad Friends fame.

Mohd Suhel – Sigma Student

We were starting to worry about Mohd Suhel’s health because it’s absolutely unlike the comedian to go AWOL on YouTube for two months. We breathed a sigh of relief a couple of days back when the comedian finally served us our latest dose of his deadpan humour.

Titled Sigma Student, Suhel is taking us back to his engineering days. Every student’s biggest fear is the mighty viva is also the mother of invention in colleges. Suhel and his friends try to come up with ingenious ways to pass. Or try to pass is a more apt description. The story is going to sound familiar to people who have been following the comedian for a while. That’s because the comedian decided to record a better version of his 2019 upload named How to Fail in Viva.

Check it out now!

Rahul Subramanian – Deleted Scene From Crowd Work Special

Rahul Subramanian’s latest crowd work special Rahul Talks To People has been creating ripples in the comedy circuit. People are applauding the comedian’s chops and rightfully so, given the ease with which he has delivered in this new format. If you haven’t enjoyed Rahul’s latest offering, here’s a little appetiser for you. A deleted scene from the hour-long special was uploaded to his YouTube channel last week.

In this interaction, Rahul is speaking with a loving mother who can’t pick between her two sons. I mean, which mother can, right? But desi mothers are known for their savagery. By the end of the interaction, she’s made a choice all thanks to one throwaway joke made by the son accompanying her.

If this was the bit that was deleted from the special, imagine how good the rest of the material is! Watch this clip and head over to check out the full special now!

Vijay Choudhary – Khaas Dost 

This week, we’ve got a debutant on the Weekly Roundup. Vijay Choudhary is the latest addition to the list of brilliant storytellers in the Indian comedy scene. His third and latest upload on his YouTube Khaas Dost caught our eye and we’re so glad it did.

Choudhary is no exception to the age-old pandemic of having harami friends. The kind who bring out the worst in you but are also loyal enough to never leave your side. In this bit, the comedian tells us a story starring a similar khaas dost, a girl and her angry boyfriend who wants to beat up Choudhary. This friend clearly knows how to make matters better worse.

Check out the full video now!

Inder Sahani – Mumbai Meri Jaan

Just like magicians have a bottomless pocket or hat, Mumbai has its very own bottomless pit(s) of despair better known as the Mumbai Metro Project. It’s omnipresent. By that we mean that no matter where you go, the answer to Mumbai’s insufferable traffic is always just one thing—the Mumbai metro. Similarly, when Delhi comedian Inder Sahani came to The City of Dreams in 2019 he made some hilarious observations.

In his latest upload, Sahani has the room booming with laughter with jokes about our metro construction and our beloved local trains. Check out the full video now!

Jessie Johnson – F*ckboys & Beach Bodies

Jessie ‘Jetski’ Johnson has been chilling with the big names in the LA comedy scene since her newfound fame courtesy the Bad Friends podcast. The comedian is currently touring with Anthony Jeselnik and is set to be part of the Bad Friends tour as well. But if you’re like us and won’t be able to catch her live in the States, here’s a little something.

In this clip, she tells us about how she learnt what a f*ckboy really is. Let’s just say, she had a very different understanding of the word which resulted in some awkward (read absolutely funny) conversations. In the 10-minute clip, she also takes aim at beach bodies. Check out Johnson in action now!


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