DeadAnt Roundup: Best YouTube Videos To Watch While You Wait For The Weekend

By DA Staff 3 May 2023 4 mins read

DeadAnt returns with its roundup of the best standup comedy videos and vlogs released on YouTube.

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Wednesdays always make us feel like we’re in this weird limbo. They have the tension of a Monday morning and the ease of a Friday evening, dangling in front of us hope as we overcome the trauma. Yes, we know this is a little too much for a comedy listicle but you try writing an innovative intro every single week. Anyway, the point we’re trying to make is, there’s a solution to every single problem. So if you’re confused about how to feel this Wednesday, we’re here with the answer. It’s time to feel elated. Ecstatic. Jump around with joy even, because we’re back with another instalment of the DeadAnt Weekly Roundup, where we highlight the top comedy videos to have dropped on YouTube. And this time it’s a double dhamaka because we’re clubbing the last two weeks. No it’s not because we forgot last week. Shush.

Varun Thakur – Indian Chinese

If you’ve heard Kautuk Srivastava and Varun Thakur talk about food on their podcast The Internet Said So, you know they have a special affinity for experimental (read weird) Indian snacks. Yes, we can hear Neville Shah groan as we acknowledge their love for everything from Pizza Dosa Khakhra to Jowar Puffs. But one thing that we know ranks above all of this is Chindian or Indian Chinese food, especially from a little establishment known as Raju Chinese.

His first standup offering in over three years, Thakur is dissecting the beast known as Indian Chinese. Chicken chopper rice, Chinese bhel, schezwan something something… Let’s not kid ourselves, we’ve all enjoyed one or all of the above. But his analysis isn’t limited to their food. Thakur has some thoughts about the way they name their borderline racist restaurants or how the different ways to spell schezwan. Our favourite is “sayswan”.

Adesh Nichit – Rich Kids & Friendzone

We’ve all seen Nichit rip into poor people on the alternative round of comedy on Comicstaan‘s season 3. That was also probably his strongest performance on the season, when he let go of all his inhibitions and fully leaned into his comedy persona. After almost a year, it’s good to see he hasn’t let go of the form.

In his first crowd work video titled Rich Kids & Friendzone, Nichit has had enough of the stuck up South Bombay-Pali Hill types. He doesn’t care if your mom’s in the crowd with you, he’s going all out. There’s a fine line between being blatantly mean and humourously roasting somebody. Nichit has found the perfect balance, never treading on the negative side of the line. He’s in talks with an audience member who is a model, wants to pursue a career in football and is all set to leave for Canada for her business studies. Talk about all rounder. Nichit also has some thoughts about the friendzone. Check out what he has to say!

Aditya Gundeti – School Games

There’s nothing better than a new comedian getting us to hit that bell icon. You know, so we get that notification every time they drop a new video. The latest comedian who’s going to keep our phones buzzing (in addition to all those food apps) is Aditya Gundeti. The comedian has been around for a little over two years but of late he’s really found his voice. He’s a lot more confident and he’s hitting the stage every week to get that fine finish on his jokes.

His latest release—titled School Games—is a throwback to his school days. Gundeti, like many of us, suffered through the State Board system. We say “suffered” because some of us are still reeling from it. *Stares into the distance* There are a few things that are just done differently in these schools. From handshakes to the “games” we play which are mostly just excuses to beat each other up. One thing is probably common though, the collective lack of respect people have for PE teachers. Watch Gundeti’s video to know exactly what we’re talking about!

Fatima Ayesha – The Boys

Fatima Ayesha has returned to the YouTube ring with a new video titled The Boys. Let’s be honest, that song played in your head right after you read the title, didn’t it? But this video isn’t about those sigma males. It isn’t bashing them either. Ayesha is simply talking about all the things these cute little creatures do as they go about their lives.

The comedian grew up around a lot of male friends so she has some insights into their habits. You know, how Jane Goodall studied chimpanzees? Just like that. Ayesha is talking about how they go about their dating lives, how they think they’re making sure they don’t come across as creeps and that one thing every guy loves to say at the end of a night—text me when you reach home, alright? But there’s one thing that can shatter a male ego and that’s a trip to a lesser-known part of Mumbai (because it’s not a part of Mumbai) called Thane. We don’t want to ruin the routine. Check it out for yourself!


The reality TV show Shark Tank which made terms such as B2B and EBITDA household terms also made one of our favourite comedians known across the country. In case you missed it, Rahul Dua took over hosting responsibilities from Ranvijay Singha in the show’s latest season. Needless to say, the comedian did make the most of the breaks between pitches.

But Dua and fellow writer and comedian Md Anas went all guns blazing in the last episode of the season when they roasted the sharks. Nothing was off limits. From boAt’s CEO Aman Gupta’s music taste to founder Anupam Mittal dishing out unsought advice. It was a change of pace to see the investors who have people shaking in their shoes hiding from the comedian’s gaze. Check out the full roast here!


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