DeadAnt Weekly Roundup: Enjoy The First Rains With Chai, Pakode and Fresh Comedy

By DA Staff 12 June 2023 3 mins read

DeadAnt Weekly Roundup features the best standup comedy videos and vlogs released on YouTube in the last week.

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There’s nothing more relaxing than cosying up in bed with some hot chai while it’s raining outside and binge-watching some good comedy. “But what should I watch? I don’t want to revisit F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the 100th time.” Yeah, we’ve got you covered with the DeadAnt Weekly Roundup.

While Adesh Nichit has come up with some interesting ways to get people to take depression seriously, Manish Chaubey is making his DeadAnt debut with an in-depth analysis of the price of pizzas. Also, did you know you can’t carry masala peanuts into Australia? Yeah, we had no idea either till we watched Gaurav Kapoor’s latest video. Mumbaikars will feel seen and heard as Azeem Banatwalla takes it upon himself to voice our collective resentment towards the abomination we call roads. Finally, Maddie Wiener makes some edgy jokes about being gay, abortion and more.

Adesh Nichit – Kids & Depression

Since his stint on Comicstaan, Adesh Nichit has become a comedic force to reckon with. Nichit hasn’t let go of the nonchalant, unconcerned vibe he adopted in the show’s last episode when chances of him making it to the final were similar to RCB winning the IPL. He absolutely killed during the performance and hasn’t let go of that attitude ever since.

In his latest release, Nichit is talking about mental health. To begin with, he has a brilliant idea to get people to take depression seriously. The buck doesn’t stop there for Nichit though. He’s also offering his services to people with a stammer. We don’t believe in spoiling punchlines, so just watch the video na?

Manish Chaubey – Pizza Party

It’s always delightful to spotlight a new voice in our DA Weekly Roundup. This week, we have Manish Chaubey making his DeadAnt debut with his video titled Pizza Party.

During the 15-minute set we become privy to Chaubey’s inherent Indianness. I mean, how many of us have sat down to calculate the cost per square foot of a pizza? It sounds like something most parents would do before smearing last night’s leftover sabzi across a roti and labelling that blasphemous creation a pizza. However, Fridays were dedicated to pizza parties in Chaubey’s office (and not the kind we mentioned earlier). There’s a reason why this mundane detail is included in his standup video. To find out, you need to watch Chaubey in action!


Our Indian comedians have been travelling all across the globe with their new specials, catching up on all the missed opportunities all thanks to COVID-19. Similarly, Gaurav Kapoor recently went on tour Down Under with his brand new hour. But he flexed his comedy muscle to churn out some new jokes from his time there.

In Masala Moongfali, we get a glimpse of these freshly baked ideas as Kapoor slices through Qantas airlines, and describes the toilet acrobatics one has to go through to wipe their down under the Indian way and Australia’s war on masala Moongfali.

Azeem Banatwalla – MAN vs MUMBAI

There are some masochistic gamers who love to play everything on hard mode. They live for imbalanced boss battles and confusing mechanics. Azeem Banatwalla is making a similar case for residents of Mumbai. If living was a game, living in this city is the Dark Souls of that genre.

In this bite-sized clip, Banatwalla takes aim at the joke that we call Mumbai roads. If you’ve travelled for all of 5 minutes in the city, you know the comedian isn’t even exaggerating for comedic effect. Watching this clip is a mixed bag of emotions. First, it is painful because you’re laughing so hard and soon it’s painful because you realise you have to be somewhere. Press F to pay respect to everyone who makes a commute in this city every day. This video is definitely for you.

Maddie Wiener – Poor Fat vs. Rich Fat 

With another secret set for Don’t Tell Comedy, we’ve come across another voice that deserves the spotlight. Maddie Wiener is unapologetically funny in this clip as she takes on dating women, coming out as non-binary and abortion.

Wiener masterfully crafts her routine, interlinking all her jokes for constant callbacks. Finally, she’s taking us through her weight loss journey. But she doesn’t like talking about it too much. Why? You need to watch the video to find out.


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