DeadAnt Weekly Roundup: The Week’s Freshest YouTube Maal

By DA Staff 15 May 2023 3 mins read

DeadAnt returns with its roundup of the best standup comedy videos and vlogs released on YouTube.

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Yesterday was Mother’s Day. And if you made the unforgivable mistake of putting up a lousy Instagram story and heading out with friends for Happy Hours (we wish we weren’t talking from personal experience) the last 24 hours must have been rough. So why don’t you make it up to her by watching the DeadAnt Weekly Roundup, where we highlight the week’s funniest YouTube uploads.

This week we have a much-awaited standup debut from Urjita Wani. Tanmay Bhat and gang react to some IPL memes, while Biswa Kalyan Rath drops a 5-minute routine for anyone still on the fence about his new special Mood Kharaab. Onkar Yadav returns with a new video—this time about Haryana and commerce students—and, for the standup comedy elitists, we have a 2003 set by Bill Burr.

Onkar Yadav – First Lie 

Delhi-based comedian Onkar Yadav broke out in the scene four months ago with his YouTube debut Full Energy. The comedian is back with his ever-ready grin and his sing-song cadence on his latest offering First Lie.

Yadav says Haryana gets a bad rep for criminal activity… and rightfully so. “Mere ghar mein sabko uss dhara ka pata hai jo unpe lagi hain,” he says before recounting his older brother’s run-ins with the law. The comedian also has a bit about how lying is second nature to the people of Haryana, which serves as a launchpad for a story about the first lie he ever told… as a three-year-old! Yadav puts together a great set that relies heavily on misdirection.

Urjita Wani – Inter Caste Love Story 

It’s always delightful to welcome a new comedian into the YouTube fold. And this debut from Urjita Wani was one were eagerly waiting for. Wani has caught the comedy community’s eye with her outlandish sketch comedy reels (her latest collaboration with Md Anas is an absolute banger) and regular performances at Mumbai’s top clubs. But this is the first time she’s putting a standup clip on the internet.

The freshest video on this week’s list features Wani talking about love stories and the tensions between romance and social censure. “It’s okay if you do love marriage… bas kabhi boyfriend mat banana,” as her parents put it.

The comedian says she hasn’t given up on love despite being single all her life, but we have our doubts. Why? Because we haven’t heard a more passionate rant about Romeo and Juliet in our lives. You have to hear it from the horse’s mouth. 

Tanmay Bhat – Best of IPL Memes

Tanmay Bhat and fellow comedians Aaditya Kulshreshtha, Nishant Tanwar, Rohan Joshi, Vishal Dayama and Varun Thakur have become household names after bringing their mix of humour and memes to the IPL with Star Sports show Cheeky Singles. 

If you missed their appearance on TV, fret not, because Bhat has dropped a cut of Best IPL Memes on his YouTube channel this week. Watch the full video for Dayama’s quick one-liners, some sledging at Kullu’s expense and a boatload of cricket memes. 

Biswa Kalyan Rath – Sir Return Hai 

Fans of Indian comedy were treated to Biswa Kalyan Rath’s highly-anticipated third Amazon Prime Special Mood Kharaab on 5 May. The comedian’s return to the stage has been well received by fans and the voice of Indian comedy aka us (read the entire review here) but if you still need some persuading, the latest upload on Rath’s YouTube channel will bring you around. 

Titled Sir Return Hai, it can be looked at as the amuse-bouche before the hearty meal that is Mood Kharaab. Rath has always found humour in his disdainful outlook to all the activities that make up everyday life. In this clip, the comedian turns his observational gaze towards online shopping and returning products. The routine checks all the boxes, and will leave you all revved up to check out the full special.

Bill Burr – I’ll Never Own a Helicopter 

Last but definitely not least, we’re dialling it back to 2003 with this half-hour Comedy Central Presents performance from comedy legend Bill Burr. Just to put it into context, this footage first aired 20 years ago, when Burr had a full head of hair (but the same irascible temper). 

One for the comedy archives, this 20-minute clip shows us a young Burr, a legend in the making. He’s blowing his top off about reality TV shows, subway travels and why he could never make a desk job last. If only there was WFH back in the day. 


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