Dekho Baarish Ho Rahi Hai: Standup Clips To Watch During The Rains

By DA Staff 9 June 2024 2 mins read

Here's your rainy day watchlist of comedians waxing poetic about the rains.

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After surviving what felt like a summer on Frank Herbert’s Arrakis, Mumbai got some relief last night with a little rainfall. The weather went from icky to lovely in a matter of minutes and Instagram was flooded with pictures of #MumbaiRains. While it’s easy to romanticise the city’s monsoons, we shouldn’t forget all the problems that come with it—worse roads (yes, it’s possible), flooding, increased traffic and those Uber surge charges. Comedians are great at finding tragedy mein comedy and they’ve done just that with the rains for years. And with the India Meteorological Department predicting ‘heavy’ to ‘very heavy’ rainfall in the coming days, you’re going to have to do a lot of sitting around at home. So, we’ve put together a watchlist (we’re cute laddat) of comedians going off about rains. Watch when you’re plans get washed over.

Aakash Mehta Talks About Malicious Rain

Mandar Bhide Hates The Rains

BhaDiPa Dishes Out Some Monsoon Love For Mothers

Sundeep Sharma Roasts Weather Forecasters

Comedy Factory Gives Us A Glimpse Into Gujju Rains


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