Kevin Hart Takes Aim At Critics On Twitter

By DA Staff 16 June 2021 2 mins read

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Kevin Hart has been quite a busy man these past few days. While doing press for his new film ‘Fatherhood’, Hart took the opportunity to take more potshots at ‘cancel culture’ in an interview with Times of London this Sunday. Last night, he followed it up with a bizarre barrage of tweets aimed at his detractors, holding up his financial success as a rebuttal to criticism that he’s “not funny.”

“The ‘He’s not funny’ slander is the best…this is for you,” he wrote on Twitter. “I have 3 stand up comedy specials that fall in the top 10 highest grossing comedy specials of all time…2 of my specials are in the top 3 of all time.”

Hart also pointed out that he has been the highest grossing comedian in entertainment and the box office for years now. The tweets sit oddly with Hart’s complaints about ‘cancel culture’, which he alternates between describing as a serious concern (“I can’t be the comic today that I was when I got into this”) and brushing off as inconsequential (“I’ve been canceled, what, three or four times? Never bothered”).

Hart’s tweets don’t seem to have convinced his critics, who poked fun at the comedian’s apparent sensitivity to criticism despite his obvious success.


DA Staff

Damn straight. Dead Ant has staff. You’d better believe it.


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