Know Your Comic: Five Clips That Prove Siddhartha Shetty Is The Funny Friend Every Group Needs

By DA Staff 20 October 2023 2 mins read

Siddhartha Shetty is that hilarious friend every group deserves. Here are five videos that prove our point.

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Comedian Siddhartha Shetty has been keeping himself super-busy these days, churning out Instagram reels during the day and hitting the standup stage at night. Whoever said “hard work pays off” was onto something because Shetty recently hit the 50,000 follower mark on Instagram. It’s a small milestone, but a win nonetheless.

Shetty first caught our eye with his standup clip Arnab And Journalism. The video—which has one million views now—perfectly captured the comedian’s easygoing, nonchalant on-stage personality. He delivers his jokes in the same manner as a group of friends standing on a street corner finding amusement in the most regular things. There’s a certain air of familiarity between him and the audience when he comes up to the mic and launches into his bits, as was evident during his set at Spades Comedy Club in Mumbai.

If you haven’t come across his work before, why not dive in now so that you can get the bragging rights? Be one of those comedy hipsters who can confidently say, “I liked his comedy before everybody knew about him, okay?” And if you’re one of those people whose YouTube feed is inundated with Indian standup clips, here are five Sid Shetty videos you must revisit.

PUBG Aur Mumbai Local

Ola vs Rickshaw

Arnab aur Journalism

Love You Dad

Tinder Dates Aur Arranged Marriage


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