New Karthik Kumar Show ‘Mansplaining’ To Hit The Road In March 2022

By Rohan Krishnan 22 November 2021 2 mins read

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Karthik Kumar’s latest show Mansplaining is set to premiere on 8 March 2022, the Evam Standup Tamasha co-founder announced yesterday. Named after the condescending tone often taken by men when “explaining” things to women, the show is set to hit the road on International Women’s Day.

“I think Mansplaining is a tell-all by a man about this entire identity and construct that the society around us has created for the gender that is a man,” Kumar tells DeadAnt. “It’s a tell-all from an insider’s perspective, because I’m a man and I’ve been a man for too long.”

Kumar will address the privileges that men enjoy and their specific vulnerabilities in the show, which was inspired by the patriarchs in his family and how they lose their value in society when they retired from their careers.

“In a way, I think COVID did that to me, and I think deconstructing that entire absolute purposelessness that you feel, and the purposelessness becoming such a huge issue for the void that is inside, I think that was the motivation for me to write Mansplaining,” he says. “I think it was understanding the identity of this gender called man and everything around it that becomes the show.”

Kumar also commented on the seeming provocation of a show launched on Women’s Day being titled Mansplaining. “The fact that the title is provocative is interesting because it builds curiosity,” he says. “And it’s a man on stage talking about being a man, I mean how much more of a definition of mansplaining is that?”

Kumar’s last special was Blood Chutney, which released on Amazon Prime Video in 2018. There’s no indication yet on whether this show will also make it to a streaming platform, so catch it while you can!


Rohan Krishnan


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