Rahul Subramanian Has an Infuriating New Character Called Prasad Who You Will HateLove

By DA Staff 21 September 2019

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Of all the alter egos that comedians have created using a Snapchat filter, Rahul Subramanian’s Prasad is just the fkn WORST.

Prasad is a hyper-enthusiastic stupidfool who is painfully proud of his sense of humour. In an annoyingly regular series of posts, he narrates instances from his life where he diffused a potentially stressful situation with a punchline. His stories start with that one time when his father said… or the security guard said… or his gym bro friend said… and by the time he reaches the line “I immediately thought of a joke”, your brain starts bleeding in Pavlovian anticipation.

Of course we could all just scroll past it, but there’s something horrifyingly hypnotic about how sweet Prasad is at his core that has you hooked till the very end. (By which time his work is done, and you are welcome to fling your phone out the window.)

Prasad isn’t like you and me, thinking of witty comebacks and snappy one-liners in the shower one day too late. No sir, this pavam nalla kutti’s timing is impeccable and his jokes are the sort of base-level PJs you thought you’d never hear again. But just like so many other things in your life, you were wrong about that too. Here’s all the proof we’ve collected so far:

It started with a seemingly harmless introduction to Prasad, the 24-year-old ‘pursuing IIT in engineering’…

“I’m going to use this platform to tell you jokes…”

Then came the warning signs that, as usual, everyone ignored…

This is worse than a knock-knock joke, how dare you, Prasad?

This is so layered, every Cassatta in India is embarrassed.

WTAF is ‘taeno-taeno’?

Internship at ISRO it seems…

We were totally planning to ignore him, but today he’s done a two-part version, which means someone somewhere is encouraging this and now we have to step in. Stay tuned for details on the protest march we will be organising.

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