Rohan Joshi Enters The Podcasting Ring With ‘A Show About Crypto’

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 28 July 2021

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Another week, another podcast. This time it’s Rohan Joshi with A Show About Crypto. What? It has nothing to do with deconstructing the Marvel Cinematic Universe or books or bathroom tiles or salad leaves? Nope, but stay with us. “I’ve always found cryptocurrency fascinating in an almost sci-fi way. Over the last few years, it’s gathered a ton of steam as an idea whose time has come,” Joshi said in his Instagram announcement earlier today.

In ASAC, the comedian will be talking about one of the best things to have happened in the world of finance (if anyone’s still taking Elon Musk seriously)—cryptocurrency. Joined by financial experts through the show, Joshi’s efforts are focused on trying to understand finance and crypto-related jargon that everyone’s been tossing around so much lately.

“IVM Podcasts wanted to do a show about cryptocurrency; I got into a conversation with them and this is the concept we agreed upon,” Joshi told DeadAnt.

He hopes the podcast will serve as a dictionary or glossary for finance and crypto-related terms. “The main raison d’être of the show is to explain cryptocurrency terms and basics,” Joshi told us, ignoring that he’d casually slipped raison d’être into a sentence. “I’m interested in anything that sounds like science-fiction,” he explained. “But I get really frustrated when things are complex and filled with jargon because it feels like people are purposely trying to obfuscate information.”

While he’s comfortable talking about books and movies on his social media because he feels like he inherently understands them, “with crypto, I felt like I was interested in it but I didn’t understand it. And hey, if I can create content around me learning something and then share it with other people, I figured this would be an interesting way to get into the podcast space. My entire job on this podcast is to take the idiot’s position.”

How many episodes can we expect? Your guess is as good as his right now. “Whenever we naturally feel like we’ve explained as much as we can and this is becoming a more complicated show or is now veering into investment advice, that’s where I’ll draw the line and say maybe this needs to be a different show,” he said.

The first episode of A Show About Crypto drops tomorrow, 29 July, across all major podcast platforms.


Shantanu Sanzgiri


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