Watch: 7 Comedians Take On Love, Dating & Heartbreak

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 14 February 2021

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It’s Valentine’s Day! A day that most couples look forwardly to fondly and one that stings the singles out there a little more than usual. With a global pandemic going on, people’s luck in the relationship department hasn’t been too strong this past year. Instead of spending the day hate-scrolling through declarations of love, may we propose some hearty laughter instead?

Comedians always have a way of looking at things differently. So when they talk about love and relationships, they are bound to find an offbeat perspective on a topic that is bittersweet for many of us. Here are seven of our favourite takes by comics talking about love, relationships, breakups, and everything in between. 

1. Kelt Sreshth – The Friendzone

We’ve all heard those dreaded words—“I love you too, but only as a friend”. The friendzone may have been weaponised by toxic ‘nice boys’, but it still hurts when someone you like doesn’t like you back.

In this routine, comedian Kelt Sreshth makes some great analogies comparing the friendzone to waiting at a signal. Or one that’s slightly more outlandish, comparing oneself to bakery items.

2. Jeeya Sethi – Falling In Love

Falling in love is a rollercoaster of emotions. And the older you get the more cynical you are about this overrated joyride.

Comedian Jeeya Sethi goes over the struggles of single women, the privilege single men enjoy in our country, and the tug of war that goes on between our heart and brain in this hilarious clip. The part where she compares falling in love to holding a hot vessel just hits different.

3. Urooj Ashfaq – Casual Relationships

Casual relationships are fun. They include the best parts of having a significant other without having to deal with the complications of being in a relationship. That is until one of the two catches feelings.

Urooj Ashfaq explores the complexity of falling for people who aren’t interested in long-term companionship and the toll it takes on one’s self-esteem in this beautifully crafted standup bit. Facing rejection can be difficult, but it makes for some funny stories.

4. Vaibhav Sethia – Ex-Girlfriend

Hate them or love them, everyone remembers their exes. But how you remember them completely depends on which side of the breakup you were on. Some people pine over what they feel was their only shot at love. Some more realistic people move on. And, in retrospect, pick up on all of their ex’s annoying habits. 

In his 2018 Amazon special Don’t, Vaibhav Sethia talks about his ex-girlfriend’s limited vocabulary and her moves in the bedroom that left him in a great deal of pain. This one’s bound to make you laugh. 

5. Aishwarya Mohanraj – My First Relationship

Everyone remembers their first relationship. Some of us fondly and some not so much. Aishwarya Mohanraj too has some opinions about when you should get into your first relationship.

And apparently 13 is not the right age. There isn’t much going on in your life and all you can talk about is Harappa and Mohenjodaro. We’re shy to admit we like someone and find some of the most innocent and amusing ways to confess our love. Listen to Aishwarya’s experience with her first “boyfriend” in this video, which is bound to leave you laughing.

6. Kanan Gill – Relationships, Traps and Blackheads

The longer you’re with somebody, the more baggage there is. There are things that we keep at the back of our minds, ready to pull that card the minute we find ourselves in the middle of a fight.

In this bit from Kanan’s Amazon special Keep It Real he speaks about how people in long-term relationships merge into one entity. The comic gives some advice on mixing things up and tricking each other into trying new things. As if that’s not going to start a fight.

7. Rahul Subramanian – Break Up and MBA

How can we talk about love and not mention breakups? People deal with them in different ways. Some people find themselves by traveling, some of us dive into work, some of us download Tinder.

Comedian Rahul Subramanian did things a little differently. He dealt with his heartbreak by taking up something that left him worse than when he started—he did his MBA. In this hilarious bit, the comedian talks about the difficulty of getting over someone, the moment of clarity when you move on, and the traumas of studying for an MBA.


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