Watch: 7 New Indian Comedy Clips You Might Have Missed

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 3 March 2021 3 mins read

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It’s been a tough year for comedy fans. When venues shut their doors for ‘Lockdown 1.0’ last March, few of us imagined that it would take almost a year for those doors to reopen (and in some cases, like the Cuckoo Club, they never did). With no live gigs or opportunities to socialise, we quickly burned through our streaming backlog, even exhausting the infinite pool of content that is YouTube.

But things are finally looking up! The vaccine rollout has started, the harsher lockdown restrictions have been lifted, and comedians are hitting the club circuit again, finally back what they want. This means that the long-denied thrill of that YouTube notification telling you that a new comedy clip has been uploaded is now tip-toeing back into our lives.

Maybe the almighty algorithm has already brought some of these videos to your feed, but just in case you missed them, we’ve got your back. Here are seven new comedy clips from the last couple of weeks, for your viewing pleasure.

1. Aakash Gupta – Excuse Me Brother

Sarojini Nagar is famous all over the country as one of Delhi’s premier shopping hubs. Aakash Gupta, though, has a different perspective on the all-too-persuasive salesemen who rule its streets in his new video. He’s flabbergasted by their sweet-talking demeanour, mystified by their silver-tongued sales pitches, and marvels at their innovative ways of selling items like belts and sunglasses. Warning: if you watch this, you may never be comfortable hearing the phrase “excuse me brother” again.

2. Amit Tandon – Maids, Trust Issues and Whatsapp

The COVID-19 lockdown also gave a certain section of Indian men a crash course in the ‘dignity of labour’ discourse, as they were suddenly forced to do all the work tnormally outsourced to domestic workers—like sweeping the floors, doing dishes, all the little things that keep a household running smoothly and efficiently. In this video, Amit Tandon touches on his newfound respect for his maid, as well as the disparities in spousal trust that the lockdown put into sharp relief. You’ll definitely chuckle at Tandon’s musings on the logic of naming Whatsapp groups.

3. Jeeya Sethi – WAP and Other Jokes

It’s difficult to talk to Gen Z nowadays. They use acronyms that don’t need to exist and words that could just as easily be mistaken for random sounds. I mean, what the hell is a “yeet”? Jeeya Sethi has had it with this cryptic lingo, and talks about discovering the intricacies of growing old, in this video that’ll have you slapping your knee. Tell us about the weirdest acronym you’ve come across!

4. Vir Das – The Set Up With Vir Das

Okay, this one isn’t a comedy set, per se. India’s busiest standup comedian Vir Das recently made an appearance on The Set Up, a segment where Conan’s supervising producer J.P. Buck sits down with comics and tries to understand the inspiration and thought that goes into writing some of the best sets performed on the show. Das talks to Buck about meeting Conan O’Brien for the first time, and doing an Apu joke in front of the man who voiced the iconic—and controversial—Simpsons character. The interview offers great insight into Das’s process and how he reads a room.

5. Mohd Suhel – Jokes I Hate Doing On Stage

Comedian Mohd Suhel has been giving us our weekly dose of silly jokes for a while now. In his latest video titled Jokes I Hate Doing On Stage the comic talks about his unidentifiable anger, a sad love story, and being the only right-wing comedian in the industry. Get ready for some serious laughs!

6. Sriraam Padmanabham – Water

Leave it to a comedian to over-analyse something as basic as water. In his new clip Sriraam Padmanabham talks about having water at a restaurant in a post-pandemic world and uses it as a launchpad for some hilarious analogies about bottled and regular water. Watch as the comic rips apart pretentious bottles of water claiming to be straight from the Himalayas, having extra oxygen molecules and pricing themselves at Rs. 700! Do you live on the edge and ask for regular water at restaurants or are you part of the “bottled water” gang?

7. Mohit Morani – Indian Ads

Subtlety is not one of Indian advertising’s strong suits. We’re all too familiar with the vague and often ambitious ads that feature people making weird choices and offer little information about what they’re actually trying to sell. In this new clip. Mohit Morani talks about detergent ads, picking biscuits over an international holiday, and using the military to sell one of the most underwhelming cars on Indian roads. Which commercial always gets your goat?


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