Watch: 7 Stoner Flicks To Spice Up Your 4/20 Celebrations

By Shantanu Sanzgiri 20 April 2021 4 mins read

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It’s the dankest day of the year, the one that every stoner looks forward to more than their own birthday. Yes, it’s 4/20. Now, given that we’re in the middle of an unprecedented health crisis, it might seem a little inappropriate to mark a cannabis holiday. But think about it. What better way to keep people locked up in their own homes than to encourage them to imbibe the wacky tobaccy. Add a well-stocked fridge, a comfortable couch and some video games and they won’t step outside for days on end.

To that end, we’ve curated a list of films for you to get your much needed dose of stoner guffaws without the fear of an NCB raid. So open a bag of Cheetos, grab a bottle of your favourite soda and get comfy because you’re in for a long and fun ride. And yes, before you complain, we have missed out on some of the classics because they aren’t available to stream in India. Because ain’t nobody got the time to buy a DVD in these times.

1. Game Over, Man

The famous Comedy Central workplace comedy Workaholics ended in 2017 after 7 glorious seasons, but the fans wanted more from the TelAmeriCorp trio. And Netflix stepped in and gave them exactly what they wanted.

Directed by the sitcom’s co-creator and primary director Kyle Newacheck, Game Over, Man stars Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Henderson riffing heavily on Die Hard and other action films. But what happens when you replace a jacked-up Bruce Willis with three incompetent potheads?

The friends work as housekeepers in a hotel and have a dream of getting their original video-game financed. They are on the brink of getting the moolah from a social media influencer when their hotel is hijacked by terrorists. Watch the trio stumble their way through this comedy of errors, available on Netflix.

2. Ted

Family Guy fans are in for a treat because this is the closest you’ll come to a live-action adaptation of the critically acclaimed adult cartoon. Directed and written by Seth MacFarlane, this buddy comedy featuring Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane (what does this man NOT do?!) and Mila Kunis is a hoot.

Ted starts with John Bennet (played by Wahlberg) wishing for his stuffed teddy bear to come to life… and it does. With such an adorable premise, the film takes quite the profane turn years down the line, with Bennet now a grown man-child living with his celebrity teddy bear (voiced by MacFarlane), clearing bongs, drinking alcohol and slacking off at work.

If you hate thunderstorms, love Flash Gordon and want to have a light-hearted laugh, tune in to Netflix now.

3. Get Duked!

This British horror-comedy, released on Amazon Prime Video last August, is a refreshing change of pace from your typical stoner movie. A hip-hop-fueled roller-coaster of chaos, this Ninian Doff feature will keep you laughing with its absurd and bizarre twists.

The film follows a bunch of stoner delinquents and their nerdy classmate on a mission to win the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award. But instead of making their way through the highlands peacefully, they have to survive the fatal attacks of an unknown hunter whom they hilariously mistake for the “Duke of Edinburgh”. Standup comedy fans will be delighted to hear that this huntsman is played by none other than Eddie Izzard. So get ready to get “duked!”

4. 21 Jump Street

It’s highly unlikely that you haven’t watched this film, but it’s impossible to have too much of this comedic masterpiece. Directed by the filmmaking duo of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the movie boasts an insane cast including Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Ice Cube, Rob Riggle, Chris Parnell, Ellie Kemper, Dakota Johnson, Nick Offerman and a special uncredited cameo by Johnny Depp.

A comedy remake of the 1987 American police procedural television series of the same name, 21 Jump Street follows the life of two fresh-out-of-the-academy cops (played by Tatum and Hill) who go undercover as high-school students to bust a drug racket. In addition to Hill and Tatum’s impressive comedic timing, the movie also features the inimitable Ice Cube in his element. The film is available to rent on YouTube.

5. Bad Neighbours

No 4/20 watchlist is complete without a Seth Rogen movie. But we aren’t going to bore you with the usual suspects—Pineapple Express, This Is The End, Knocked Up. Instead, we suggest you watch the relatively recent Bad Neighbours, available on Netflix.

The film stars Rogen alongside Rose Byrne, Zac Efron and Dave Franco in leading roles. Another one of Nicholas Stoller’s comedies with its fair share of emotionally charged moments, Bad Neighbours tells the story of a couple slowly adjusting to the challenges of parenthood, and things get a little loud when a frat moves in next door. Needless to say, the two parties get into some altercations with Rogen and Byrne’s comic timing setting us up for a barrel of laughs.

6. Tropic Thunder

One of the most re-watchable and quotable films of all time, this Ben Stiller movie is a crackerjack (if you know, you know). One more film with an all-star cast including Robert Downey Jr, Jack Black, Jay Baruchel, Bill Hader, Tom Cruise, Danny McBride and Stiller himself, ‘Tropic Thunder’ is nothing short of a laugh riot.

The star cast deliver some of their finest performances in this action-comedy, a rollicking ride that parodies the rigmarole of making a multi-starrer war film. Tropic Thunder follows a bunch of prima donna Hollywood stars who find themselves in the middle of a Vietnamese jungle that’s also home to a drug cartel. Hilarity ensues as the actors believe this is all just an elaborate setup to bring out the best in them. Watch this chaotic masterpiece on Amazon Prime Video now!

7. A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas

The Harold and Kumar series is a quintessential addition to any stoner list. While the first two films of the trilogy are not available on any of the OTT platforms, might we suggest the final instalment of the stoner comedy series?

Available on Netflix, the film picks up 6 years after the duo have escaped from the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison and gone their separate ways. But fate brings the duo back together and this time Harold (played by John Cho) and Kumar (played by Kal Penn) are looking for a Christmas tree for Harold’s father-in-law. The wild adventure features an angry Russian gangster, a waffle-making robot (who believe it or not eventually saves the day) and Neil Patrick Harris making his duly contracted appearance. Watch on Amazon Prime Video.


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