Comedians On Tour Selling Tickets: 10 Questions With Rajat Sood

By DA Staff 8 April 2024 3 mins read

Comedian Rajat Sood tells us all about his new solo show, who is the ideal plus-one to bring and why he doesn't experience pre-show nervousness anymore.

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Comedian Rajat Sood is all set to take the country by storm with his brand new standup show. He announced the tour on Instagram on 5 April with a post that read, “Aap logon ki muhabbat lootne aa raha hoon Hindustaan ke alag alag shehron mein.” Sood will be on tour from 12 April to 26 May with more dates to be added to the schedule.

For the uninitiated, Sood is a seasoned comedian who won the popular reality-TV comedy series India’s Laughter Champion in 2022. He also made appearances on The Kapil Sharma Show and Goodnight India in the following years. Boasting a large following of over 5,00,000 on Instagram and 4,60,000 on YouTube, the comedian amassed a large fanbase on the back of his relatable takes on love, sports and the college life.

Read on to find out what his new show is all about!

1. Quick! What’s this show about?

The show is largely about my perspective on the world around me. There are some bits about the people around me, some about the romance in my life… jo ki tha. Abhi hai nahi. So there are jokes about happened in the relationship and why it ended. And then I talk about my family and my upbringing. It’s largely about my journey so far and how I have become the person I am today.

2. How many shows are you doing, across how many cities?

So far we have 19-20 shows across 18 cities. With time we’ll be extending the tour.

3. How long did you spend writing the show?

Because I’ve been releasing material on the internet, the exact timeline of the show is difficult to pinpoint. There are some bits that I’ve been doing for the last 1.5-2 years and there is some fresh material as well that I’ve written in the last 3-4 months.

4. Is this already leading up to a recorded special for a streaming platform?

Bhai, dua toh sabki rehti hai ki hum accha kaam karein. I hope that the show becomes so good that I can record it as a special. But for now my motive is to record the show and release videos on YouTube. And while I’m touring I’ll be adding more material that I’m hoping to release as a longer special.

5. Why should we watch it live?

Kyunki main bahut behtareen kalakar hoon. (laughs) I know how to deliver a good show. I feel like the life I’ve lived is one that most people can relate to. Pyaar mein haare hue log hain hum log. Ek aam parivaar se aate hai. Aur bade sapne dekhte hai. You might find a reflection of yourself in my performance and that’s why you should come watch it live.

6. According to you, who would be the ideal plus-one to bring to the live show?

Come with your friends or with your significant other. That’s a lot of fun because I interact a lot with the audience. There’s a lot of crowd work in my shows. I’m also a very curious person, especially about love, so I speak a lot with the couple who come out to watch the show. So anybody who could give me tips is the ideal plus-one.

7. What are you planning on calling the show?

Currently we’re just calling it Rajat Sood Live. I do a show called Bigad Gaye The that I’m aiming to build as my special. But some of the bits that I perform in that hour aren’t part of this show, which is why I haven’t called it that. But if I had to give it a name right now I might rely on some of the heavier bits in the show—Hindustan Best Hai or Ladke Tez Hote Hain.

8. On a scale of 1 – WTFAMIDOING, how nervous are you?

Bhai, koi nervousness nahi hai. The show is great. I’m working hard at building my material so why should I be nervous? There’s a lot of excitement. I’m looking forward to going to all the cities, meeting new people, learning about their lives. And with every performance, the show keeps getting better toh nervousness kuch nahi hai. And secondly, I’ve been doing comedy for a while now so I don’t feel the nervousness that I experienced as a newcomer. I would call this “thrill”. I’m looking at all the opportunities that will present themselves during my performance.

9. Which city are you most excited to perform in and why?

Delhi, Gurugram, NCR is where I’m most excited to perform. Main Delhi se hoon, toh apne log aate hain. I have too much Delhi within me and I’m always excited to perform for those people. Agar aapko Delhi samajh nahi aati toh main bhi samajh nahi aaunga.

10. Whose music do you have on loop currently?

Maine khud ek gaana banaya hai called Kal Ki Chinta. Pawan Singh, who is also a comedian, is the vocalist. It was inspired by a line that comedian Ravi Gupta said and then we both sat and came up with it. He’s sang on the song as well and I’ve rapped on it. So yes, I have this song on loop honestly. Apne hi gaane sunn rahe hai taaki Spotify se paise bane.

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