DA Picks: Celebrate Father’s Day With These 10 Hilarious Videos About Fatherhood

By Maanya Sachdeva 20 June 2020 2 mins read

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Cuff-links, Bluetooth speakers, oh-god-not-again-ties, bar accessories… how many of these things does one man need? Throw your father a curve-ball this Father’s Day and give him the gift of laughter instead. If Hallmark cards and navy blue accessories are at one end of the who-knows-where-this-has-been and oh-god-sanitise-everything spectrum, jokes about fathers and fatherhood fall on the opposite, less-contact-with-the-outside-world end. And since nothing about 2020 has been “normal”, why should your Father’s Day celebrations be the same as always?

Queue these ten stand-up clips (for about an hour of viewing pleasure) and settle down for a laugh-athon with the guy who has been entertaining you with dad jokes for as long as you can remember.

1. Atul Khatri rants about having to drive his daughters for birthday parties, tuition, coaching classes and sleepovers for 18 long years. However, he complains, nothing is as bad as having to take your child for a birthday party at midnight.

2. Is there a worse day than when your dad joins Facebook? Rahul Subramanian goes so far as to call it a tragedy.

3. The confusing, conflicting lives of Punjabi dads—as told by Punjabi dad and comedian, Amit Tandon. 

4. Raise your hand if your dad has ever compared his struggles growing up to yours. Or has compared your success (or lack thereof) with, I don’t know, Virat Kohli? Vipul Goyal relates.

5. Sahil Shah’s dad is a urologist. And while that may have been a cause for some embarrassment growing up, he has new respect for what his father does as an adult.

6. Flipping the perspective on Punjabi dads, EIC’s Angad Singh Ranyal discusses their go-to strategy to turn their kids into overachievers.

7. Abijit Ganguly shines light on the brilliance of typical Indian fathers… and Relaxo chappals.

8. Neeti Palta thinks aloud about the things that were (and were not) part of her upbringing—courtesy her Fauji Dad. Including a whole other interpretation of Delhi’s favourite cuss word.

9. Here’s Delhi-based comic Jaspreet Singh on ‘The Talk’ every son has with his father once in his life.

10. Last but not least, here’s Sundeep Sharma’s deceptively nonchalant bit on how fathers know best. Deceptive, because Sharma ends the 14-minute clip with a beautiful ode to his father who passed away due to cancer.


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