DA Weekly Roundup: Latest Clips To Deal With ‘Succession’ Trauma

By 29 May 2023 3 mins read

DeadAnt returns with its roundup of the best standup comedy videos and vlogs released on YouTube.

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What a Monday night it has been. Succession ended and rekindled all the trust issues we had therapized our way through. And then our hearts did overtime while watching the IPL final which was played over 3 days? We all need a breather. And we’ve got you covered.

This week’s DeadAnt Weekly Roundup features a debut standup performance from Instagram sensation Vineeth Srinivasan. Rahul Dua continues with his chronicles from the United States and Shaurya Tyagi makes a comeback to the YouTube stage after a year. Lastly, we’re featuring Lebanese comedian Nataly Aukar and her subtle political humour.

 Rahul Dua – The Horrors Of Renting A Car In USA 

Last week we saw Rahul Dua wax poetic about American timezones, the idea of drinking tap water and the country’s pride and joy CostCo. Dua promised part two would follow and he’s delivered with his latest upload titled The Horrors Of Renting A Car In USA.

Once again, the comedian has some observations about the Land of the Free, particularly about their abysmal public transport. In Dua’s words—tattu developed country ye. After spending a shameful amount on an Uber (come on, we’re Indians), he finally rents some American muscle for the remainder of his stay. But there’s a lot more grinding Dua’s gears and it makes for a great watch! 

Vineeth Srinivasan – Mumbai Housing Crisis 

Vineeth Srinivasan has made his mark on Instagram with his relatable rants about corporate life. Now he’s got his eyes on YouTube, dropping his debut video last week, proving that his humour isn’t limited to the bite-sized reel format. 

Similar to his Instagram persona, Vineeth is channelling his exasperation to mine humour in this 10-minute clip. First up in his crosshair is Mumbai’s soul-sucking housing system which comes with the added expense of dealing with housing committees. Especially if you’re living with your girlfriend. Vineeth has been dealing with this holy trinity which results in great content ie. a must-watch set!


Shaurya Tyagi – Samaaj aur Paisa

A year after his last upload, Shaurya Tyagi revived his YouTube presence with Samaaj Aur Paisa last week. We get yet another taste of his comedic prowess which he’s already showcased in his previous uploads that have racked up millions of views. 

Timothy Leary said, “Think for yourself and question authority.” Tyagi seems to have adopted his teachings from a young age but guess what, it doesn’t go down well with Indian teachers. He’s also extending the “grapes are sour” argument to money and talking about the real problem with kidnapping. We’re not here to ruin punchlines so check it out yourself! 

Punit Pania – IPL & Cricket in India 

Punit Pania was MIA from YouTube for a while but for good reason as revealed in his latest upload. Pania released an amuse bouche to his upcoming special titled No Country for Moderation which seems to have a hefty dose of Pania’s trademark satirical commentary. 

The comedian is keeping things topical and talking about India’s favourite pastime—the Indian Premier League. Yeah, it’s going to get over this evening (thank you, rains). If you are invested in this parody of the sport, there are some jokes at your expense as well. But it’s good to look inwards and have a laugh sometimes. Check out Pania’s video for a hilarious reality check and stay put for his special! 

Nataly Aukar – Escaping War and Pre-Marital Sex

We’re taking things overseas in our last entry. Don’t Tell Comedy is known to organise secret shows across the United States and showcase up-and-coming talent. This week, we got to see Nataly Aukar in action, whose traumedic material caught our eye. 

The comedian, originally from Lebanon, knows she lacks the “war vibes” and prefers the tanks and guns around her over getting shamed in school. Yes, dark. But executed extremely tastefully. “War makes you tough […] Getting shamed makes you… how do you say… bad at sex.” That’s not all the material in her arsenal. She’s also taking aim at premarital sex while adding a layer of social commentary addressing the Roe Vs Wade overturning. Honestly, Aukar is a great find and you need to catch her in action.



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