DA Weekly Roundup: The Lastest Standup Clips That Need To Be On Your Watchlist

By DA Staff 9 January 2023 3 mins read

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Congratulations, you’ve successfully survived an entire week of 2023. Did you stick to your resolution of getting better? Have you fixed your sleep cycle? You’re obviously exercising, aren’t you? Is this intro feeling like an attack? Do you need to distract yourself with some funny videos to forget how you haven’t done a single thing you promised yourself you’ll start in the new year? Well, guess what. It was all an elaborate plan. We’re back with a DeadAnt Weekly Roundup! Here are the latest and greatest YouTube standup clips for you!

Mohit Morani – House of Bachelors

It’s difficult getting a house out there. Even more so if you’re a bachelor. Nobody trusts these special creatures of society. And why would they? *looks around the room* But there’s one comedian who’s talking about their problems and spreading awareness. In his latest release, Mohit Morani tells us another anecdote, this time it’s about finding a house in Noida. The comedian has fine-tuned his storytelling skills by hitting the stage regularly and it shows. The story has the quintessential annoying landlord, the quirky roommate and a hilarious climax. Check out the video!

Anurag Teotia – Best Friends Forever 

Ding ding ding! We have a new person in the YouTube ring. Anurag Teotia dropped his first video titled Best Friends Forever last week. The Ghaziabad-based comedian began his standup journey in 2019 and now, he’s making his debut on YouTube. In this video, Teotia talks about the important things, like why are South Delhi girls constantly being attacked? What about the guys? They’re equally insufferable. A quick intro and some short jokes later, we get to the meat. A good ol’ college story featuring booze. That should be enough for you to click, we don’t want to give anything more away.

Siddhartha Shetty – Chinese aur KBC

Siddhartha Shetty is back after a year and what a fitting comeback it is. Shetty’s infectious energy coupled with his act-outs made him a DeadAnt favourite in 2022. This time he’s back with a story featuring his cheap Indo-Chinese cuisine loving father (he and Kautuk Srivastava should hit up Raju Chinese together). But when you put this Indian uncle who is set in his ways, in a fancy 5-star hotel setting, it becomes a goldmine for jokes. Check out the full video to see what we’re talking about.

Vipul Goyal – DESH KA YUVA

Yes, we know this video just dropped today but we were too excited to not mention it. If you’ve followed the Indian standup scene closely, you know every comedian’s favourite comedian is Vipul Goyal. The man’s work is appreciated by fans and his peers. And how could it not? His no-nonsense, angry-rant persona always delivers the laughs. But Goyal knows how to sneak in some sharp commentary and satire. His jokes are tight and to the point. In the latest one, he’s is talking about the youth of our country, amongst other things. Nobody’s safe from Goyal’s jokes. Especially not our politicians.

Neel Nanda – Seeing Your Girlfriend’s Dildo

This one is here only because Neel Nanda reminded us of probably the greatest song of the last decade, Man’s Not Hot. How did he do that? Well, it’s got something to do with gun laws. You’ll know only once you watch the video and see how wonderfully he makes that connection. It’s safe to say that Nanda has a very interesting proposition to fix the gun problem in America. He also takes a casual walk down memory lane, reminiscing about the time he saw his girlfriend’s dildo. Yeah, we’ll let him do the talking.


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