DA Weekly Roundup: Watch These Fresh YouTube Clips To Get Over India’s Loss Against West Indies

By DA Staff 7 August 2023 3 mins read

DeadAnt Weekly Roundup features the best standup comedy videos and vlogs released on YouTube in the last week.

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Last night was rough for all of us cricket fans. Team India has been taking the big ol’ L for far too long and watching them crumble against West Indies wasn’t how we wanted to kick off the week. But there’s no need to hold on to that feeling as we get through Monday. It’s easier said than done. Which is why we’ve put together the DeadAnt Weekly Roundup—where we highlight the week’s funniest standup clips. Hit play and forget all about Nicholas Pooran’s innings.

Chirag Panjwani – Revenge Fantasies

Dreams are for the young. Because as you grow older, the harsh realities of life take over and you realise… this is probably it. Chirag Panjwani’s latest clip Revenge Fantasies is about all those youthful dreams that go down the drain as you reach your thirties.

Panjwani, like many of us, had big dreams for himself. And like a lot of us, his success’ ETA was always measured against the likes of Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan. “Oh, they found success at 26? We have time then.” The comedian’s biggest motivations to succeed in life are his revenge fantasies. He’s held onto a lot of grudges against companies that rejected him and peers who went on to fulfil their dreams. Check out the full clip to see how the comedian is slowly readjusting his expectations from life, one dream at a time.

Srijan Kaushik – A Few Things

Srijan Kaushik had been away from YouTube for almost a year. But the comedian ended the drought last week with a short clip giving us a taste of his trademark deadpan humour. If you’ve seen Kaushik’s earlier work, you must have noticed that the comedian has a knack for finding some of the funniest insights about life’s most mundane things. From bar waiters to the childhood game Name, Place, Animal, Thing, Kaushik has proved anything can truly be funny.

In this clip, the comedian is talking about Indian traffic rules… scrap that… “Indian traffic advisory,” as he says. Traffic lights, restless drivers and driving in Delhi are some of the topics he touches upon. Check out the full clip now!

Inder Sahani – Main Kahan Hoon

Delhi-based comedian Inder Sahani has been very busy this year. He’s been uploading videos like clockwork and he’s kept his streak going this month as well with his new crowd work video Main Kahan Hoon.

Right at the beginning of the clip, we get a taste of Sahani’s target audience and his rapport with them. The comedian’s audience is texting him to check if he’s reached the venue. You know, so they don’t waste too much time waiting on him. Now, that’s a first. He’s also got a newlywed couple in the audience aka crowd work gold. Watch him mine all those jokes now!

Vivek Samtani & Yash Rathi – Find Your PARTNER

We’re used to seeing the “ft.” tag on songs. But this is the first time we’ve seen it on a standup clip. Vivek Samtani has dropped a standup clip featuring fellow comedian Yash Rathi and the two are causing an absolute laugh riot.

The crowd work show is all about Samtani and his guest comedian helping the audience find their soulmates. Because as we all know, you find your true love at comedy clubs. In this clip, the two comedians are talking to HR professionals, lockdown couples and red flags. Check it out now!

Lara Beitz – Fat Cat Shaming

Comedian Lara Beitz made it big in the Chicago comedy scene before moving to LA and becoming part of the elite Comedy Store regular lineup. The comedian caught the eyes of some of the bigger names in American standup comedy including Judd Apatow and Joe Rogan who dubbed her “the real deal”. This 10-minute clip tells us precisely why the comedian managed to impress the audience and her peers.

After opening with some hilarious commentary about The Wizard of Oz, the comedian takes on a tried and tested comedy trope—flying and airlines. But you won’t find any crying baby jokes in this routine. Beitz is testing new waters and talking about how the altitude really affects her flatulence. Also in the comedian’s line of fire—cheating boyfriends, fat cats and little kids taking the tumble.


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