#DAPicks | Watch ‘The Best of Standup 2022’ On Netflix For A Speedy Recap Of Last Year’s Best Jokes

By DA Staff 4 January 2023 2 mins read

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Succumbing to the pressure of your appalling staying power, Netflix wrapped their entire roster of commissioned 2022 comedy specials into a compilation of the best 1-3 minutes of each. Because both the artists and the suits have given up on holding your attention for longer than it takes to make a packet of Maggi. Which could be depressing if you’re thinking “oh no, they’re turning everything into reels!” But this is where we urge you to flip your approach and think of it as watching the world’s best lineup show with their tightest new jokes! Or as a tasting menu for hot-button topics of 2022—the pandemic, anti-vaxxers, kids, colonoscopies, bras, abortion, patriotism, mental illness, getting old, being young, being a woman, being gay, cancel culture… it’s all in there.

And we don’t see a downside or risk in giving it a shot—even the worst comedy special has at least five minutes of absolute brilliance to make it onto a streaming platform, and that’s all that’s in here.

Purists can only hope that if you like something, you’ll do yourself the favour of looking it up and watching the whole thing like the artist intended, all context intact.

Pro-tip: Got a friend(s) over but running out of conversation? Turn this on in the background. Debate your crew on the messy topics in here and have a drink every time a comedian mentions a dog. Thank us later.

There were a few more specials that were released on the streaming platform that might not have made the supercut but definitely deserve your attention.

Here’s the full list of (almost) all the comedy specials on Netflix in 2022:


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